Hybrid Storage  is defined as a combination of solid-state disk (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) in a single storage system.

Two approaches; the first being the more common method of placing SSD drives behind the controller as a capacity tier within the storage system.In the case of Nexsan, their E Series, fits this option should the system be configured with a mix of SSD and spinning disk such as the SAS and Near-line SAS drives.

This  second approach is to use SSD to increase the cache memory pool so that I/Os are accelerated before they go through the controller to the back-end disk drives. The larger the cache memory pool, the greater the likelihood of getting a cache hit without having to access the back-end disks—which results in greater application performance.

NST4000   NST4000

The Nexsan NST4000 by Imation expands the availability of fault-tolerant FASTier™ DRAM caching and Fibre Channel SAN connectivity, and puts them in reach of mid-range businesses

Two Platform Options; Fibre and iSCSI

NST4000 Fibre Channel Unified Hybrid Storage Platforms

NST4000 iSCSI Unified Hybrid Storage Platforms

External Storage Options:

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