Unmatched price point as well as impressive data management and automation capabilities can change how organizations approach long-term storage

Crossroads Systems, Inc. global provider of data protection solutions, today announced the availability of StrongBox® DataManager, the newest component of the award-winning StrongBox shared storage solution for data protection and preservation. StrongBox DataManager is specifically designed to solve the two most common challenges for IT managers: reducing costs and eliminating the complexity of NAS filers.

Pricing and Convenience that Disrupt the Current Approach to Storage
Despite the fact that between 50 and 80 percent of all content on primary storage will never be accessed again, IT administrators continue to purchase more and more disk for capacity expansion.  The new StrongBox DataManager enhancement provides a seamless solution that moves data from expensive primary storage into StrongBox for the most cost-effective archive with built-in data protection.

While meeting long-term preservation and scalability requirements, StrongBox provides unprecedented savings.  As noted in a recent study conducted by Brad Johns Consulting, LLC, StrongBox can provide a total cost of ownership (TCO) of less than $0.003 per gigabyte per month, depending on the configuration.

StrongBox DataManager moves and/or copies files based on a simple, scalable policy engine that gives organizations fluid data movement, all within a single, integrated file system that works seamlessly with NetApp, Windows, Linux, Novell, and most CIFS/NFS file systems.

“Not only does StrongBox DataManager offer the most cost-effective, scalable solution, but it also eliminates the complexity and data protection issues for long-term data retention,” said David Cerf, executive vice president of strategy and business development at Crossroads Systems. “StrongBox DataManager can augment most disk environments, allowing users to reduce their overall storage cost regardless of their existing storage types. Instead of just buying more disk, users can add StrongBox to complement their existing infrastructure. While providing more than a 50 percent cost reduction, it is the first seamless solution that is simple, secure and scalable. StrongBox is changing the way we think about storage!”

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