Can you guarantee the integrity of your data in the backup or archive?

  1. How do you know if all your files are in the backup or archive?
  2. How do you know if there is a copy of all your files at your remote site?
  3. What is the health (integrity) of your files at each site?
  4. If they are different which one is correct?

There are very few solutions in the market-place that can say with certainty that the integrity of your data is indeed there.

For True Data integrity take advantage of the features of the Nexsan Assureon

assureon web

  1. Protect your high-value data and fulfill all corporate governance and government regulatory needs with constant data verification.
  2. Users are authenticated with Active Directory or with digital certificates to ensure they can only get to files for which they are authorized, and audit trails report on user’s activities such as file accesses and denials. Legal holds can be easily placed on any set of files, overriding their original retention periods.
  3. Two copies of all files, along with their fingerprints, are stored on separate RAID disk sets.
  4. Two Nexsan Assureon systems can be replicated to each other to protect against a site failure.
  5. Files are continually verified against their fingerprint, automatically repaired by their copies, and safeguarded by RAID disk arrays to ensure the utmost file protection and integrity.
  6. Native active/active replication protects against site disasters with automatic failover, while delivering increased performance over active/passive systems.

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