Volume copy software

AssuredCopy™ provides the ability to create full volume copies or backups of disk volumes with the ability to quickly restore whole volumes, folders or individual files. AssuredCopy™ creates a full volume copy which protects against disk failures, accidents, or attacks. Protecting data helps ensure smooth running of your business and is part of a complete DR and compliance plan. With AssuredCopy, whole volumes, folder or individual files can be quickly restored from the volume copy. AssuredCopy provides additional protection against complete volume or RAID group loss. Should a double disk fault occur in a RAID 5 set, the source data remains protected; this would not be the case with snapshots. Volume copies can be mounted to other application hosts to provide production data support for backup, rapid development and test, data mining, decision support and other applications without putting production data at risk or impacting application performance because access is to an independent data set. Dot Hill’s ‘set and forget’ scheduler capability gives storage administrators peace of mind, knowing the storage system is automatically taking snapshots and volume copies.


Data snapshot software

AssuredSnap provides the ability to create point-in-time copies or backups of disk volumes with instant restoration of data to any captured (snapshot) point in time. Since AssuredSnap only copies data that has changed to disk it can virtually eliminate backup windows. AssuredSnap uses a method called Single Copy-on-Write (SCW) with Original/Write Data Preservation capabilities. Unlike other snapshot technologies the AssuredSnap implementation is not only fast, but also reduces the size of snapshots by storing only a single instance of changed blocks. Original/Write Data Preservation technology is unique in the market allowing IT managers to snapshot and write to newly created snapshot volumes. This enables roll back to the original snapshot or the modified or updated snapshot. This re-roll-back capability is ideal for testing new software or prototyping new applications. There are several ways to purchase AssuredSnap, depending on  the model:

Within a single setup screen and 4 clicks, AssuredRemote delivers the ability to quickly protect your storage environment. Using the existing point-in-time snapshot technology AssuredRemote only captures changed data thereby limiting the amount of data copied across to the remote site. Unlike other replication technologies the AssuredRemote implementation is both easy and fast, and it also reduces the size of snapshots by storing only a single instance of changed blocks. This method minimizes the amount of data to be copied across data lines. Features:


Host-based virtual RAID adapter

AssuredVRA (RAIDCore) is a powerful way of building RAID-protected arrays out of internal server storage and server-attached external JBODs. AssuredVRA enables host-based RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and 50 directly on an AMD and Intel motherboard, reducing system costs and increasing the reliability of internal disk storage and JBODs. Virtual RAID Adapter (VRA) technology is a unique and new class of pure, host-based software RAID that combines key advantages of pure software RAID with many of the key advantages of hardware RAID adapters. VRA technology offers enterprise-class data protection services and a single RAID driver, RAID management and BIOS for multiple controller types, and allows volume server OEMs or ODMs to offer built-in, high-end RAID functionality without the expense of a dedicated RAID-on-chip acceleration device.

Lower Costs and Simplicity with Host-Based RAID for Internal Storage

AssuredVRA, as a Virtual RAID Adapter, is a powerful way of building RAID-protected arrays out of internal server storage and server-attached external JBODs. RAID protects against hardware or system malfunction and prevents the loss of valuable customer data. Equally important, lower storage costs can be achieved by implementing a VRA-based RAID solution for internal storage. Hardware RAID card costs can be eliminated along with their associated power and cooling costs; support and management costs can be reduced through the deployment of a common RAID stack across multiple core logic and SAS IOC chip sets and motherboards.

Advanced Features

With today’s multi-core processors, AssuredVRA now runs with little load on the system and achieves comparable and in some cases superior read/write performance compared to hardware RAID cards. Moreover, AssuredVRA has many innovative features usually found in more expensive solutions including controller spanning, SAS expansion, simple mirrored volume copy using RAID 1n and 10n, on-line capacity expansion (OCE), and on-line RAID migration (ORM).

Universal Management

AssuredVRA runs on the latest chipsets from industry leaders AMD and Intel, as well as SATA/SAS controllers from Broadcom and Marvell. This enables system builders and OEMs to offer a broad range of architectures and platforms to their customers, while only having to support AssuredVRA. Similarly, customers using the supported motherboards can now combine all of those ports, eliminating the need for external HBAs. One RAID management utility is all that’s required to manage all disk controllers in the server.

Software RAID Benefits: