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By archiving your data, you are essentially designating that content as meaningful and thus worth safeguarding. As a result, an efficient archive requires superior protection and preservation for your files and projects. Without this safety net, your archive runs the risk of providing unreliable support for your organization. This is a risk you should not have to take.

Dternity provides out-of-the-box data protection at all points throughout the migration process, from the media through the archive itself. By utilizing Dternity Archive Media, you’re establishing the fundamental security necessities your data deserves. Cost-effective tape mediaenables organizations to designate a multi-copy policy that guarantees your data remains safe, even in the event of catastrophic loss. Additionally, both Dternity NAS and Dternity Media Cloud have built-in preservation assets and archive verification processes that ensure round-the-clock protection of your files and projects.

With continual monitoring, analysis and oversight of your data, Dternity manages the health of your data environment.