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80 Percent of data on primary storage is unstructured and never changes or changes infrequently. This data can be moved easily and transparently to a more cost-effective archive storage platform.

With the Nexsan Assureon Archive Solution from Imation, data can be moved one time and recalled as needed. With the assistance of shortcuts the original disk becomes a cache for the data that has been moved off to the Assureon, reclaiming existing disk space.

. When considering the various solutions, IT managers should assess how each of the solutions will:

The implementation of an Assureon Archive Solution enables IT managers to reduce the size of their backups and the time required for their backups. It enables the elimination of two to three storage tiers while retaining performance. Primary storage growth can also be eliminated while retaining full access to all of the data with an Assureon Archive Solution.

Features and Benefits



– Each time a file is saved, a unique fingerprint is generated using both an MD5 and SHA1 hash of its contents and metadata, so history and contents cannot be altered after the fact (WORM storage)

Serial Numbers

– Each file is assigned a serial number which is used to ensure no files are missing or inappropriately added

Secure Time

– Tampering with the system time clock is prevented by using a global, redundant, secure time source (Stratum Level I hardware time sources

Two Copies

– Each file and its fingerprint are stored twice in the Assureon. The second copy is either stored in a separate RAID disk set in the same Assureon or on a remote Assureon

Data Verification

– Files are continually verified against their fingerprints, repaired using their copies and safeguarded by RAID disk arrays for days or decades

Scalability and High Availability

Remote Replication

– Two active Assureon systems can continuously replicate to each other to protect against a site failure


– Native active/active replication protects against site disasters with automatic read failover and manual write failover

Performance & Capacity

– Scale capacity up to multiple petabytes and add performance by using multiple Assureon archive storage systems together


Separation of Data

– Assureon provides complete separation of data between departments or projects using logical and physical separation as well as separation through the use of multiple AES-256 encryption keys


– Files can be AES-256 encrypted. Keys for a replicated Assureon are stored safely at 4 sites by the integrated key management system. A nominal annual key management subscription is required


– Users are authenticated with Active Directory or digital certificates

Audit Trails

– Audit trails report on file access and denied access attempts


Data Retention

– Easily create retention rules and associate them with unstructured data directories or file types

Legal Hold

– A legal hold can be easily placed on any set of files, overriding their original retention periods until the hold is removed

One System

– Data sets can be retained for a period of time that can be extended but not shortened. Other data sets can be assigned a flexible retention period that can be lengthened or shortened to accommodate both needs in the organization