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Managed File Transfer

Unlike traditional file transfer software, Globalscape’s managed file transfer (MFT) platform helps organizations securely transfer files between business partners, suppliers, and customers, while automating integration with back-end systems. Built-in regulatory compliance, governance, and visibility controls help keep your data safe, while outstanding performance and scalability help boost operational efficiency and maintain business continuity. Administration is easy, yet granular enough for complete control.

Managed Email Attachments

Give your employees a secure alternative to unsecured “box” solutions for sharing large files with co-workers, business partners, or vendors, all without impacting their existing workflow of attaching files to email messages in Outlook. And centrally manage a number of security policies that dictate such things as when attachments should get automatically offloaded, to when secure attachment links should expire.

File Server Synchronization

Simplify collaboration between your organization and its partners, satellites, or branch offices through WAN synchronization of file systems. Smart “bit-level” synchronization results in up to a 95% reduction in network traffic when compared to standard file replication tools.

Wide Area File Services

Globalscape simplifies collaboration with a wide-area file sharing solution (WAFS) that can work across domains between multiple organizations. End users access their files from within Windows Explorer or other Windows file system locations, just like always, whether the file is located in New York or New Delhi.

Personal File Transfer

At home or at the office, Globalscape’s industry-leading file transfer software lets you intelligently and securely move your important files across multiple locations. Edit and publish web pages; download the latest music, images, and software; or transfer files between servers at home, your Internet Service Provider, the office-any FTP or Web server that you can access over the internet.