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The IBM Magstar 3590 models B11 and E11 are rack-mounted tape drives with an Automatic Cartridge Facility (ACF). The 10 cartridge ACF allows the drives  to be used as a mini-library with access to up to 1.2TB* of data. The Magstar 3590 B11/ E11 can be converted to a B1A / E1A for use in a fully automated library system

High-performance, high-reliability tape storage with extended media support and attachment support for SCSI and Ultra SCSI systems

  • Attaches to IBM AS/400*, RS/6000*, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and other SCSI systems; Intel**-based systems running Windows NT**; and Windows 2000; and IBM S/390* systems.
    Offers the choice of an Ultra SCSI interface for a maximum instantaneous data rate of 42 MB/sec or native Fibre Channel attachment for a maximum instantaneous data rate of up to 100 MB/sec.
    Features an uncompressed drive rate of up to 14 MB/sec to dramatically reduce backup and recovery times.
    Provides rapid access to data (5 meters/sec high-speed search)
    Includes a 10-cartridge Automated Cartridge Facility (ACF) that functions as a mini-library with random access to up to 1.2 TB of data (compressed) for the Magstar* 3590 Model B11 and E11
    Uses Magstar* 3590 E model extended length tape cartridges that can contain up to 120 GB of data (3:1 compression)

For additional information, call 800.663.5523. We at Sunstar Company maintain an inventory of these drives, ready to ship with warranty!

Magstar 3590 does not require scheduled preventive maintenance. IBM customer engineers use a built-in subsystem panel to perform service functions.

The Magstar 3590 is available in several configurations for Ultra SCSI and Fibre Channel attachment:

  • The Magstar 3590 Models B11 and E11 are rack-mounted and incorporate a 10-cartridge ACF for high-capacity unattended operation. The Models B11 and E11 can be converted to Models B1A or E1A.

  • The Magstar 3590 Models B1A and E1A have no ACF and are designed to be incorporated into the Magstar 3494 tape library.

  • The Magstar Model C12 frame with one to four Model B1A or E1A Tape Drives provides attachment to the StorageTek 4410 and 9310 ACS.