The IBM Magstar 3590 models B11 and E11 are rack-mounted tape drives with an Automatic Cartridge Facility (ACF).

The 10 cartridge ACF allows the drives  to be used as a mini-library with access to up to 1.2TB* of data. The Magstar 3590 B11/ E11 can be converted to a B1A / E1A for use in a fully automated library system

High-performance, high-reliability tape storage with extended media support and attachment support for SCSI and Ultra SCSI systems

 Attaches to IBM AS/400*, RS/6000*, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and other SCSI systems; Intel**-based systems running Windows NT**; and Windows 2000; and IBM S/390* systems. Offers the choice of an Ultra SCSI interface for a maximum instantaneous data rate of 42 MB/sec or native Fibre Channel attachment for a maximum instantaneous data rate of up to 100 MB/sec. Features an uncompressed drive rate of up to 14 MB/sec to dramatically reduce backup and recovery times. Provides rapid access to data (5 meters/sec high-speed search) Includes a 10-cartridge Automated Cartridge Facility (ACF) that functions as a mini-library with random access to up to 1.2 TB of data (compressed) for the Magstar* 3590 Model B11 and E11 Uses Magstar* 3590 E model extended length tape cartridges that can contain up to 120 GB of data (3:1 compression)

The Magstar 3590 is available in several configurations for Ultra SCSI and Fibre Channel attachment:

These 3590 tape drives are no longer manufactured. These reconditioned drives are available in a number of formats from us here at Sunstar Company.

All drives ship with warranty.

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