IBM TS1150 Model E08 (3592-E08) is the fifth generation of the highly successful IBM 3592 enterprise tape drive and is designed to provide higher levels of performance, reliability, and cartridge capacity than the TS1140 Model E07 tape drive. The TS1150 has a high-technology, 32-channel GMR head design to deliver a native data rate performance of up to 360 MB/sec versus the 250 MB/sec data rate of the TS1140. TS1150 tape drives have dual-port 8 Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces for Fibre Channel attachment to host systems or a switched fabric environment.

The 3592 tape drives deliver the following performance, capacity, and availability features:

TS1150 Tape Drive (machine type 3592) is the fifth generation for the highly successful 3592 Tape Drive. It is designed for high-performance tape applications, including:

The TS1150  tape drive is available in a standalone tabletop enclosure with display

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     IBM System Storage® Enterprise tape drives have the solution for your storage needs.

     Reduce the costs of long-term data protection in big-data, cloud, mobile and social environments

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  • Deliver high-performance, high-capacity storage with a proven, cost-effective tape drive
  • Leverage IBM® Linear Tape File System™ (LTFS) support for fast access to data
  • Protect, retain and secure critical data with encryption
  • Extend storage investments with support for existing IBM tape automation
  • Take advantage of write-once-read-many (WORM) cartridges for long-term data retention
  • Help lower cost of ownership by choosing a single tape storage solution to provide both high capacity and fast data access
  • Scale from midrange to enterprise environments with open-systems server support
  • Integrate with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and other compatible software offerings for storage and tape management
In today’s data-hungry world, cost-efficient storage is more important than ever. Business analytics have increased the value of data stored for long periods of time, while end-user demands for data accessibility just keep escalating—thanks to the growing use of cloud, mobile and social media technologies. Yet storing massive volumes of static, rarely accessed data on expensive storage media can put a huge strain on shrinking IT budgets. The IBM TS1150 tape drive gives organizations an easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and provide long-term retention—and for less expense than disk solutions. TS1150 offers high-performance, flexible data storage with support for data encryption. This fifth-generation drive can help protect investments in tape automation by offering compatibility with existing automation. Plus, an upgrade model is available for existing IBM TS1140 tape drives. What’s more, TS1150 supports the LTFS format for direct, intuitive and graphical access to data. [/restab] [restab title=”Features”]
Feature Benefits
Up to 7 TB native capacity on an IBM 3592 JC/JY cartridge
  • High capacity helps reduce the need for additional tape drives and cartridges
  • Use fewer drives to reduce complexity of your tape infrastructure
Data transfer rate up to 700 MBps with compression
  • Improves performance of your tape operations to help maintain business performance
3592 media
  • Media options include short and long lengths, re-writable and write-once-read-many (WORM) formats and media partitioning
  • Flexible ordering options
Supports encryption and key management
  • Supports a single encryption key management approach, which may help reduce audit and compliance costs
  • Helps to avoid the need for host-based encryption of data or the use of specialized encryption appliances
IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) support
  • Helps reduce cost of long-term data retention by providing access to tape storage without the need for proprietary applications
  • Enables fast access to archived data with drag-and-drop simplicity
Media partitioning
  • Improves data management and can provide faster data access
  • Allows updating tape partitions independently
Small form-factor
  • Improves space efficiency of your tape infrastructure
Virtual backhitch and high-resolution directory
  • Improves access to data
  • Reduces wear and tear on media
Compatibility with existing IBM tape automation installations
  • Protects your existing tape investments while improving performance with next-generation technology
IBM Power Systems, IBM System i, IBM System p and IBM System x support
  • Helps simplify the storage environment by supporting most open-systems servers
  • Enables flexibility for growth and change in your data center
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Recording technique Linear serpentine 32-channel concurrent recording
Native capacity(uncompressed) 10 TB (using JD/JZ media), 7 TB (using JC/JY media) or 2 TB (using JL media)
Native sustained data rate (uncompressed) 360 MBps (type D media) 300 MBps (type C media re-formatted)
Adaptive instantaneous data rates 12 speeds, from 112 MBps to 365 MBps, for 3592 JD/JL/JZ cartridges initialized in Gen 5 format 12 speeds, from 99 MBps to 303 MBps, for 3592 JC/JK/JY cartridges initialized in Gen 5 format 12 speeds, from 90 MBps to 252 MBps for 3592 JC/JY in Gen 4 format
Burst data rate 800 MBps
High-speed search(maximum) 12.4 m/s end-end search rate
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 3592-E08 95 mm H x 198 mm W x 467 mm D (3.8 in. H x 7.8 in. W x 18.4 in. D) 3592-EH8 95 mm H x 150 mm W x 374 mm D (3.8 in. H x 5.9 in. W x 14.7 in. D)
Weight 3592-E08 5.7 kg (12 lb 7 oz) 3592-EH8 3.97 kb ( 8 lb 9 oz)
Operating environment
Temperature with media 16°C – 32°C (60°F – 90°F)
Relative humidity 20% – 80% non-condensing (limited by media)
Wet bulb maximum 26°C (78.8°F)
Maximum continuous operating power dissipation (drive and integrated blower) 46 Watts
Platform support
Platform Operating system (OS)
IBM IBM Power Systems IBM AIX, IBM i, Linux
IBM System p AIX and Linux
IBM System i IBM i and IBM OS/400
IBM System x see open system support
Open systems
Oracle Solaris
Servers with Intel or AMD processors SUSE Linux Red Hat Microsoft Windows
Encryption support IBM i, AIX, Sun, Linux and Windows
Warranty One year
[/restab][/restabs] Datasheet The IBM 3592 cartridges used in TS1150 tape drives are available in short and advanced lengths and in rewritable and WORM formats. Cartridges are available in packs of 20 and can be ordered as labeled and initialized, initialized only, or unlabeled and uninitialized. An RFID label option is also available