IBM TS1150 Tape Drive  ( 3592-E08 ) TS1155_tape_drive Provides an easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and provide long-term retention at a lower cost than disk solutions. This tape drive is supported in IBM tape libraries as well as IBM racks that enable stand-alone installations. IBM TS1155 Tape Drive gives organizations an easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and provide long-term data retention–and at a lower cost than disk-based solutions. TS1155 is designed to support JD and JZ media formats, but is equipped with an advanced read/write subsystem that enables the use (or re-use) of JD media at a 50 percent higher capacity than previous-generation drives. TS1155 also offers high-performance, flexible data storage with support for data encryption. TS1155 Tape Drive models for the TS4500 tape library deliver up to 15 TB native capacity and enable reuse of existing JD media with increased capacity   Features of the TS1155 include:   10 Gb Ethernet host attachment interface for hyperscale environments on Model 55E Native data rate of 360 MBps Dual-port 8 Gb Fibre Channel as well as support for standalone rack-mount applications on Model 55F Effective reuse of existing JD/JZ/JL media types with the capability to read and write TS1150 formatted media, and format the same media with up to 15 TB uncompressed capacity Support for JC 4 TB format (read only) and JC 7 TB format (read/write) Encryption capabilities that work with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager Support for IBM Spectrum Archiveā„¢ (LTFS format) for direct, intuitive, and graphical access to data (refer to the Limitations section) To help optimize drive utilization and reduce infrastructure requirements, TS1155 can be shared among supported open-system hosts on a storage area network. It also offers multiplatform support and can scale from midrange to enterprise environments, delivering flexible storage for heterogeneous server environments. IBM TS1155 Tape Drive is designed to provide an increased capacity of 50% on JD media types compared to its predecessors and consists of two models designed for the TS4500 tape library: 3592 55F (Fibre Channel) 3592 55E (Ethernet) The TS1155 Tape Drive Model 55F delivers a native data rate of 360 MBps, the same load/ready, locate speeds, and access times as the TS1150, and includes dual-port 8 Gb Fibre Channel support. IBM TS1155 Tape Drive Model 55F is supported in IBM TS4500 tape libraries as well as rack-mount installations.  

Technical Specifications

Recording technology

  • LTO Ultrium


  • 30TB Compressed 2.5:1, maximum with LTO-8

Host interface

  • 6 Gb/s SAS

Transfer rate

  • 300 MB/s native, maximum, depending on model

WORM capability

  • Yes

Encryption capability

  • AES 256-bit

Form factor

  • 5.25-inch half-height