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IBM Storwize V7000 and V7000 Unified : Highly scalable midrange virtual storage designed to consolidate workloads into a single system for simplicity of management, reduced cost, storage efficiency, high performance and high availability.

IBM Storwize V5000 : Highly flexible, easy to use, virtual storage helps midsized businesses overcome storage challenges with advanced functionality.

IBM Storwize V3700 : Easy to use, efficient and affordable entry block storage designed for growing data requirements and infrastructure consolidation needs — with capabilities unusual for entry storage.

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*  Not IBM Storwize V3700
** Not IBM Storwize V3700 or Storwize V5000


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Feature Benefits
Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Provides easy-to-use data management designed with point-and-click system management capabilities
IBM Storage mobile dashboard
  • Provides basic monitoring capabilities to securely check the health and performance of Storwize family systems
Thin provisioning
  • Supports business applications that need to grow dynamically, while consuming only the space actually used
IBM Easy Tier
  • Provides automatic migration of frequently accessed data elements to high-performing flash storage
Real-time Compression*
  • Improves efficiency by storing up to five times as much active primary data in the same physical disk space;† by significantly reducing storage requirements, you can use the improved efficiency to reduce storage costs, or achieve a combination of greater capacity and reduced costs
Unified storage systems‡
  • Combines block and file storage requirements into a single system for simplicity and efficiency
  • Provides a single user interface for managing both block and file storage, to streamline administration
Metro Mirror and Global Mirror
  • Allows synchronous or asynchronous data replication between any Storwize family systems for maximum flexibility
  • Helps optimize use of network bandwidth with integrated Bridgeworks SANSlide technology to reduce network costs or speed replication cycles, improving the accuracy of remote data
Dynamic migration
  • Provides efficiency and business value through a nondisruptive migration function
Storage virtualization§
  • Virtualize existing IBM and non-IBM storage to make it part of a Storwize family system, where it inherits the advantages of the Storwize systems
IBM Flex System Manager
  • With IBM PureFlex Systems, provides management integration of physical and virtual compute, storage, and networking resources from a single vantage point