The IBM TS1150 tape drive gives organizations an easy way to deliver fast access to data, improve security and provide long-term retention—and for less expense than disk solutions. TS1150 offers high-performance, flexible data storage with support for data encryption. This fifth-generation drive can help protect investments in tape automation by offering compatibility with existing automation. Plus, an upgrade model is available for existing IBM TS1140 tape drives. What’s more, TS1150 supports the LTFS format in IBM Spectrum Archive for direct, intuitive and graphical access to data


Improve tape operations performance

Help maintain business performance and improve the performance of your tape operations with data transfer rate up to 700 MBps with compression.

Reduce audit and compliance costs

Support for a single encryption key management approach may help you reduce audit and compliance costs and avoid the need for host-based encryption of data or use of specialized encryption appliances.

Improve space efficiency

Utilize improved space efficiency of your tape infrastructure with the small form factor of TS1150 tape drive.

Protect your existing investment

Utilize next-generation technology to protect your existing tape investments while improving performance. The TS1150 tape drive provides compatibility with existing IBM tape automation installations.

Up to 10 TB native capacity on an IBM 3592 JD/JZ cartridge

Leverage high capacity to help reduce the need for additional tape drives and cartridges. Use fewer drives to reduce complexity of your tape infrastructure.

Media partitioning

Improve data management and leverage faster data access with media partitioning. You can also update tape partitions independently.

IBM Spectrum Archive with LTFS technology

Reduce cost of long-term data retention by accessing tape storage without the need for proprietary applications. You also gain fast access to archived data with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Virtual backhitch and high-resolution directory

Improve access to data and reduce wear and tear on media with virtual backhitch and high-resolution directory.

Support for most open-systems servers

Leverage support for most open-systems servers including IBM Power Systems and for IBM Z® via IBM TS7700 virtual tape server. Help simplify the storage environment with support most open-systems servers and enable flexibility for growth and change in your data center.

3592 media options

Utilize multiple media options including short and long lengths, re-writable and WORM formats and media partitioning, all with flexible ordering options.