The Nexsan Assureon is a tamper-resistant system, purpose-built with multiple layers of safeguards to prevent, even with administrator-level access to the system and detailed understanding of its technology, any attempt at file deletion or modification. In the unlikely event that an information asset archived on Assureon ever becomes corrupted, the system, when using a redundant configuration, will automatically and transparently replace the asset from one of the redundant copies.

Key features

• Automatically checks integrity of archived files
• Immutability—archived files cannot be changed
• Self healing—ensures that all files are healthy and retrievable
• Fast access to archived files and metadata
• Non-erasable, non-rewritable functionality


  1. Storage Optimization – offload primary storage to free up space for active data and reduce the size, time and costs of monthly full backups
  2. Regulatory & Corporate Compliance – comply with governmental regulatory requirements including HIPPA, SOX and SEC-17. Enforce company data retention, privacy and protection policies
  3. Long-Term Archive – store managed data for days or decades with unsurpassed integrity and protection in an easy to administer system that resides on-premise, in the cloud, or both.



Scalability and High Availability


Regulatory and Corporate Compliance

Easy to Manage

Easy to Use



To learn more – call and ask for Sunstar’s Archive Specialist at (800) 663-5523