IBM Legacy Tape Libraries

IBM 3494 Enterprise-Class Tape Library


Designed for large datacenter operations, the IBM 3494 tape library delivers an excellent scalable and open tape solution for backup & archival requirements.

With the 3494 tape library, you start with one L12 or L22 control frame, which can support up to 190 cartridges, then add up to 15 drive unit frames as needed, to scale your capacity as your backup needs increase.

The IBM 3494 is the perfect backup consolidation solution, able to support various backup solutions & requirements. It is compatible with WORM (write-once, read-many) technology for regulatory compliance requirements, and the VTS (virtual tape server) technology. The 3494 can support multi platform attachment to various System i, System p, System x and System z servers, as well as various Sun & HP systems, and other Intel®-based systems running Windows®.

The IBM 3494 tape library is compatible with various tape drives, such as the 3590 E1A and H1A models, as well as the 3592 J1A model drives. In addition, this tape library supports TS1120 drives for ESCON® and FICON® connectivity.

The 3494 enterprise tape library does not sacrifice performance for capacity. The average mount-access time of the 3494 is seven seconds, and can perform up to 610 tape exchanges/hour with a dual-gripper, dual active processor configuration.

To increase availability, the 3494 offers a high availability model, the Tape Frame Model H1A. This frame includes an additional secondary cartridge accessory, library manager and two service frames. Repair can be done on the 3494 without disruption with the H1A frame, since the second accessory takes over tape operations.

IBM 3494 Tape Library Specifications & Features
Model Control Unit Frames Drive Unit Frames
L12 L22 D12 D14 D22 D24
Tape Drives/Unit,3590 Model 0/2 0/6 0/4
Tape Drives/Unit,3592 Model 0/4 0/12 0/8
Tape cartridge slots with 1-2 tape drives 190 190 305 305 305 305
Units Required/Allowed 1 per library required 1 per library required Up to 15 per library Up to 15 per library Up to 15 per library Up to 15 per library

The IBM 3494 Enterprise Tape Library is an excellent solution for today’s large storage requirements. Modular, flexible, and reliable, the Enterprise Tape Library has a low entry price, is cost-effective, and backed by the service expertise of the IBM service organization. The Enterprise Tape Library offers a variety of models and features to fit all your needs and will grow as your business grows.

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