IBM Legacy Tape Libraries

IBM 3582 LTO Tape Library

3582 With the IBM 3582, you can take advantage of LTO technology in a high-performance, high-capacity solution at an entry-level price. Designed to meet growing storage needs, the 3582 supports simultaneous connectivity with up to two heterogeneous servers The 3582 tape library supports up to 2 LTO2 or LTO3 drives, the LTO2 drive supports up to 35Mbps native data transfer, while the LTO3 drives support up to 80Mbps. The backwards-compatibility of the LTO3 drives mean you can enjoy the budget advantages of utilizing LTO2 and LTO1 cartridges, while experiencing the performance advantages of LTO3. In addition, the LTO3 drives in the 3582 support WORM functionality for long-term data retention requirements. Available as a standalone unit, or as a 4U rack-mount configuration, the IBM 3582 tape libraries have 24 cartridge slots, one of which is occupied by an I/O station, leaving up to 23 slots for data cartridges. Utilizing LTO3 data cartridges, the 3582 tape library supports up to 9.6TB native data capacity, up to 19.2TB with 2:1 data compression. The IBM 3582 includes standard features such as Multi-path architecture, a bar-code reader for random data access, and the ability to partition the library into 2 virtual libraries. Other options includes Data Path Failover, Control Path Failover and Remote Management via a web browser. The IBM 3582 tape libraries also feature a built-in, fully-featured LCD unit to provide information regarding power, drive, and autoloader status, as well as error status and message information. IBM’s newest LTO tape solution that replaces the 3582, the TS3200, features expanded capacity as well as additional standard and optional features.
IBM 3582 Autoloader Specifications & Features
Model L23
Drives Up to 2 LTO LTO Ultrium3 or Ultrium 2
Attachment LVD Ultra160 SCSI or 2Gbps Fibre
Native Capacity per Cartridge 400GB w/Ultrium3
Native Data Transfer Rate 80Mbps w/Ultrium3
Native Data Capacity per Library 9.6TB
2:1 Compressed Data Capacity per Library 19.2TB
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