Qualstar Legacy Tape Libraries


RLS4000 Rackmount Automated Tape Library


The RLS-Series delivers Qualstar’s Simply Reliable Automated Tape Library technology to users requiring rackmountable solutions.

The RLS-Series supports LTO and AIT cartridge tape formats, giving users technology choices without compromising quality or reliability, in compact 5U-high modules. Offering superior performance and value, the RLS-Series Tape Library family includes eight models yielding capacities over 35 terabytes (native). Using typical data compression ratios, capacity can exceed 70 terabytes. Depending on the drive technology chosen, individual models house up to four drives. Data transfer rates can exceed 1.7 terabytes per hour. Each drive is on a self-connecting mount that eliminates handling slide the drives in or out.

High Availability plus Q-Link
RLS High Availability options include hot-swappable redundant power supplies, true hot-swappable drives, and Q-Link, the web browser based remote library manager. 
Q-Link allows any RLS-Series library to be configured, monitored, diagnosed and managed from anywhere in the world. Using Q-Link, companies can deploy enterprise-class data protection without increasing staffs or degrading data security. Even firmware updates can be implemented remotely.

Flexible Connectivity
The SANSmart Fibre Channel Interface Option supports the latest 2-gigabit per second SAN technology. The IPSmartTM 
iSCSI option connects RLS Libraries to IP SANS

Capacity on Demand
The RLS-8204 offers an unbeatable combination of low cost and easy capacity upgrades as needed. Starting with twelve data slots, up to four, 8-slot expansion modules can be installed. A simple software key and a pair of magazines is all it takes to add capacity.


DFA Drives Supported
RLS-8236D and RLS-8244D models house LTO 3 or LTO 4 Direct Fibre Attach tape drives. These drives use 4Gb Fibre Channel interfaces to connect directly to ports on switches or to servers where SCSI cable length restrictions inhibit the desired installation. The RLS library control interface can be connected with SCSI, or with Fibre Channel using the FCO option.


Investment Protection
Featuring IPM (Interface Personality Module) Architecture, RLS-Series libraries can be reconfigured in seconds for SCSI, Fibre Channel or iSCSI by simply plugging in the appropriate IPM. In addition, a field capacity expansion kit is available to economically upgrade the RLS-4445 to an RLS-4470.


Reliable, Intelligent Robotics
The RLS-Series unique robotic mechanism is Simply Reliable by design. Leadscrew-based robotics using brushless DC motors and closed-loop servo control systems provide precise positioning and flawless media handling for years of dependable operation. All FRUs, options and tape drives are auto-discovering, and all electrical and mechanical adjustments have been completely eliminated by sophisticated, adaptive ‘smart’ logic design.

Easy Operation
An intuitive menu-driven control system provides easy-to-use installation, configuration, and operational information via the onboard LCD panel. Critical operating functions are displayed and an audible alarm signals conditions requiring immediate action. All of the information, functions and controls built into the front panel display are replicated in 
Q-Link, the powerful, browser-based remote library manager. Tapes are housed in convenient magazines that simply snap in and out of the library. Removing and organizing tapes for off-site storage has never been easier.

Advanced Cartridge
Management and Security
Bar code scanning enhances throughput and controls the media inventory. VIOP, a unique variable I/O port design, allows users to determine how many slots to commit to importing and exporting tapes. Our exclusive ‘Inventory Sentry’ senses whether the tapes or magazines have actually been removed when the door is opened. If they haven’t, operation is resumed without causing a time consuming re-inventory.

Logical Library
Logical Library partioning is built into every RLS-Series SCSI library. It allows up to four servers to share a single library, even if each server is running a separate application. Systems that you couldn’t afford to upgrade can now be protected automatically.

* using typical compression ratios


Engineered for Reliability:

  • Auto-connecting hot-pluggable tape drives
  • All brushless DC motors
  • Self-calibrating digital servo control system
  • Auto-aligning. No mechanical or electrical adjustments
  • Over 2,000,000 MEBF
  • Automated tape drive cleaning

Efficient Media Control:

  • Bar code scanning of data cartridges
  • VIOP, Variable I/O port for inserting and removing cartridges or magazines
  • Inventory Sentry minimizes offline time

Comprehensive User Interface:

  • Back-lighted 80 character display
  • Proven control panel menu system for easy installation, configuration, operation and maintenance


  • Capacity on Demand
  • Q-Link browser-based remote library management option
  • Hot-swappable tape drive option
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supply option
  • Barcode reader
  • 2-gigabit Fibre Channel library interface option
  • iSCSI interface option
  • Ultra2 LVD SCSI interface
  • Multiple SCSI bus connections
  • Logical Library Partioning (SCSI only)
  • Simultaneous random and multi-sequential operating modes
  • Selectable recycling and dual-bin sequential modes