Legacy Tape Drives

DEC TKZ60, TKZ61, TKZ62, TKZ64 


3480/3490 Tape Drive  – TA90/91 compatible


3480/3490 Tape Drive – 10 Cartridge loader –


3480/3490/3490E Tape Drive – 10 Cartridge loader – TA90/91/92 compatibleTKZ62-AB – Pedestal, Single-ended SCSITKZ62-AC – Tabletop, Single-ended SCSITKZ62-AF -Tabletop, Fast Wide Differential SCSI

Migration from:

















3480/3490/3490E Tape Drive – 60 Cartridge loader – TA90/91/92 compatible


TKZ62/63 Tape drive family

A range of options for IBM media compatibility and data interchange or backup via a SCSI interface

Using IBM 3480/3490/3490E compatible half-inch tape formats, the TKZ6x tape drive family has proven to be an effective way to maintain your IBM-compatible storage capabilities or add IBM-tape compatible media to your operation.

The TKZ6x tape drive family provides fast, dependable data interchange and/or unattended backup for IBM(R) 3480/3490/3490E users. With the SCSI-2 interface, connectivity is available on most Compaq CPUs and SCSI adapters, thereby allowing customers to maintain their IBM tape format across their entire enterprise.

The TKZ6x tape drive family provides a 10-cartridge loader, and a single loading drive in a 18/36-track IBM 3480/3490/3490E compatible format.



TKZ62 series: 18- and 36-track format

The TKZ62 series drives read and write 18-track format on common 540-ft and 600-ft half inch tape cartridges. Please note that it is not possible to do write appends to an 18-track tape cartridge already containing data.

The TKZ62 series can also read and write 36-track format on the 1,100-foot thin-tape cartridge used by the Compaq TA92, IBM, and IBM-compatible 3490E tape drives. This ability of a 36-track drive to read and write 18-track format is unique in the industry. The TKZ62 series is available only as a 10-cartridge loader in either tabletop, pedestal, or rackmount configurations.

TKZ63 series

Like the TKZ62 drive, the TKZ63 series can read and write 18- and 36-track format tape but does not have the 10-cartridge loader mechanism. Thus, the TKZ63 is a manual load, single-cartridge drive. The TKZ63 is available as a tabletop unit. With an optional rackmount kit, the TKZ63 tabletop unit can be cabinet mounted.

Custom capabilities to enhance your information systems environment

Build up, not out with rackmount systems

Rackmount systems pack more compute power and storage capacity per square foot of floor space than conventional deskside or cabinet models. But it’s rackmounting’s configuration flexibility that can really make a difference in meeting your needs. Using a building-block approach, you can configure the optimum system to meet its goals with both Compaq and third-party components. At the same time, there’s built-in flexibility to upgrade configurations as needs change.

Rapid deployment, reliable systems with VIS

Once you’ve made an acquisition decision, you don’t want to wait forever to deploy the solution, or disrupt operations as you bring it online.


TKZ6x tape drive family specifications
                           TKZ62 18/36-track     TKZ63 18/36-track

 Interface (all drives)    Differential fast     Differential fast
                           wide SCSI-2           wide SCSI-2

 Media (0.5-in. cartridge) 3480/3490/3490E       3480/3490/3490E 

 Format                    18/36-track parallel, 18/36-track parallel,
                           parallel, double      parallel, double 
                           density               density

Automatic cartridge loader specifications
 Type                      Sequential or random***      N/A

 Magazine capacity         10 data cartridges           N/A
                           1 cleaning cartridge         N/A

 Unattended* capacity      10 cartridges: up to 24 GB   N/A

 Dimensions (H x W x D)    Embedded within drive        N/A

 Nominal load-unload time  15 seconds                   N/A

Media performance
 Tape speed                78-in/sec (2 m/s)       78-in/sec (2 m/s)

 Nominal rewind time       5 seconds               5 seconds

 Nominal load/unload time  15 seconds              15 seconds

 Maximum data-transfer rate 
                     3.0 MB/s uncompressed   3.0 MB/s uncompressed
                     6.0 MB/s compressed     6.0 MB/s compressed
 SCSI transfer rate  7 MB/sec asynch. burst 7 MB/sec asynch. burst
                     10 MB/sec synch. burst 10 MB/sec synch. burst

 Reposition time (max)     600 ms                  600 ms

Formatted capacity/cartridge
            (Assumes 2:1 compression)    (Assumes 2:1 compression)

 Uncompressed average   540 ft: 400 MB         540 ft: 400 MB
                        600 ft: 440 MB         600 ft: 440 MB
                       1100 ft: 800 MB        1100 ft: 800 M

 Compressed average     540 ft: 400 MB          540 ft: 400 MB
                        600 ft: 440 MB          600 ft: 440 MB
                       1100 ft: 2.4 GB**       1100 ft: 2.4 GB**

Physical characteristics
 Dimensions (H x W x D) 
           6.97 in x 17 in x 24 in          10.2 in x 8.75 in x 17.05 in
           17.71 cm x 43.19 cm x 61.10 cm   25.9 cm x 22.2 cm x 43.2 cm
           (Tabletop)                       (Tabletop)

 Weight    60 lbs (27.22 kg)           34.8 lbs (15.8 kg)

 Nominal power consumption  150 W/hr     150 W/hr

Form factor
 Tabletop                   Yes           Yes

 Pedestal                   Yes           No


 RETMA 19-in. cab  Yes, includes slides,  Yes
                   mounting hardware      Requires optional 
                                          rackmount kit 

 Metric cab        Yes                    No
                   Requires optional 
                   rackmount kit (TKZ6R-M1)

 SW500/SW800 cab   Yes                    No
                   Requires optional 
                   rackmount kits (TKZ6R-SX)

*If using Tru64, the Compaq Media Robotic Utility (MRU) software or NetWorker Save and Restore software is required to operate loader in unattended manner.

**Assumes 3:1 compression.

***Random selection requires special library software.

More great IBM-compatible SOLUTIONS from Compaq!

Compaq Tape Interchange System for Alpha Windows NT

Make the transition from your minicomputer/mainframe environment to Windows NT client/ server computing on the 64-bit Alpha platform while maintaining the ability to access your 1600/ 6250 bpi reel-to-reel or IBM 3480/ 3490/3490E media with the Compaq Tape Interchange System (TIS) for Alpha Windows NT.

Imagine being able to take a tape written by an IBM, Unisys, Amdahl, or Fujitsu mainframe and read it with your ProLiant or AlphaServer(TM) Windows NT system! Or write a tape with the ProLiant or AlphaServer unit for reading by any mainframe. That’s the power of the Compaq TIS software.

Of course, you’re not limited to mainframe interchange. The Compaq TIS software enables you to read and write tapes from popular minicomputers running a variety of operating systems.

TKZ90 tape drive

Based on the IBM 3590 tape format, the TKZ90 tape drive delivers 9MB/s data transfer rates along with the ability to handle both start/stop and streaming applications. Qualified on selected Compaq AlphaServer systems running in the TRU64 UNIX or OpenVMS environments and ProLiant systems running WNT. This efficient, reliable drive is ideal for backing up large amounts of data in short periods of time.

TKZ9F 8mm tape subsystem

The TKZ9F is a state-of-the-art, high-performance, industry-standard Exabyte(TM) compatible 8mm tape subsystem with built-in data compression capability for both backup and data interchange. It is supported by the TRU64 UNIX, OpenVMS VAX, and OpenVMS Alpha platforms.

TSZ07 1600/6250 bpi Tape Drive

For many years, 9-track, phase-encoded, half-inch, ANSI-compatible tape drives have been the worldwide industry-standard. The TSZ07 meets these standards and eases the process of critical data interchange in many governmental and business applications.

Ordering information

                      Order No.        Description

TKZ62 tape drive      TKZ62-AG         Rackmount version with FWD 
                                        SCSI-2 interface
with 3.0/6.0          TKZ62-AH         Pedestal version with FWD 
                                        SCSI-2 interface
MB/Sec, 2.4 GB        TKZ62-AI         Tabletop version with FWD 
                                        SCSI-2 interface
per cartridge,
volt (2).

TKZ63 tape drive      TKZ63-BA         Tabletop version, FWD SCSI-
                                       2 interface 	
with 3.0/6.0
MB/Sec, 2.4 GB 
per cartridge, 
single cartridge 
manual load, 
100/240 volt (3).

                      TKZ6K-30        30, 36-track tape cartridges
                      TKZ6R-AB        TKZ63-AA/AB 19" RETMA 
                                       mounting kit. Mounts up to 
                                       2 drives
                      TKZ6R-M1        1 drive, TKZ61/TKZ62 metric 
                                       cab mounting kit
                      TKZ6R-S1        1 drive, TKZ61/TKZ62 SW800 
                                       mounting kit
                      TKZ6R-S2        2 drive, TKZ61/TKZ62 SW800 
                                       mounting kit
                      TKZ6R-S3        3 drive, TKZ61/TKZ62 SW800 
                                       mounting kit

(1) Both TKZ62/63 variants come with one cleaning cartridge, one blank data cartridge, user manual, differential SCSI terminator and a 120 volt AC power cord. Rackmount variants require a 19″ RETMA mounting kit. SCSI cables must be ordered separately

(2) All model variants come with a cleaning cartridge, one blank data cartridge, user manual, technical manual, differential SCSI terminator, and a 120V AC power cord. Countries other than the U.S. and Canada require a country-specific power cord. Rackmount variations include slides and hardware to mount the drive in a 19 inch RETMA rack. Metric dimensioned or StorageWorks cabs require optional mounting kits. SCSI cables must be ordered separately. The FWD SCSI variants use a 68-pin, high density connector with two jack screws.

(3) All TKZ63 variants come with one cleaning cartridge, one blank data cartridge, user manual, technical manual, differential SCSI terminator and a 120 volt AC power cord. TKZ6R-AB required for rackmounting.