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IBM 3490E Model F

3490e Model F

 Model F Tape Subsystem

The new 3490E Model F Tape Subsystems offers full function 3490E tape performance and compatibility at an economical price for AS/400, RS/6000 and S/390 systems.  These new models extend the life of the 3490E product line and protect a customer’s investment in 18 and 36-track ½-inch cartridge media. Highlights
  • Table-top, desk-side, and rack-mounted models available as well as a model that can be installed in the Magstar 3494 tape library.
  • Up to 24GB (compressed) capacity with the 10 cartridge Automatic Cartridge Facility.
  • Supports 18-track reads and 36-track read/write on S/390 systems.
  • Supports 18-track read/write and 36-track read/write on AS/400 and RS/6000 systems.
  • Design and tape path enhancements provide improved mechanical and data reliability over prior 3490E models.
Economical, high performance Tape Subsystem for the AS/400 and RS/6000.
Small footprint.
Native cartridge capacity of .8GB and up to 2.4GB with IDRC compression.
16-bit fast/wide SCSI-2 differential interface.
3MB/sec native device data rate; up to 6.8MB/sec with compression
 Model F00
Single drive
 Model F01
Stand-alone – desk-side model
Single drive
Standard 10-cartridge random access autoloader providing an unattended backup capacity of up to 24GB with 3:1 compression.
Dedicated cleaner cartridge slot.
Message display
Control panel
Using improved data recording ability (IDRC) technology with SCSI interface throughput can be up to 6.8MB/sec on SCSI systems.
Throughput can be up to 10MB/sec via ESCON controller with four drives.
Design enhancements provide improved mechanical and data reliability.
Tape path enhancements.
Advanced electronic packaging and circuit technology.
 There are five models of the new 3490E F series:
F00 – Low cost – table top – single drive.
F01 – Low cost – desk side – single drive – 10 cartridge enclosed autoloader.
F11 – Low cost rack mounted – expandable – single drive – 10 cartridge enclosed autoloader.
F1A – This model is automation ready for use as a component in the IBM Magstar 3494 tape library.
FC0 – Rack – supports up to four Model F11 drives attached to SCSI systems or attached to ESCON systems with optional control unit.
SCSI host attachment
ESCON host attachment with optional control unit
Remote support for ESCON
The IBM 3490E Model F1A is intended to be installed in a Magstar 3494 Tape Library’s L10 or D10 frame on independent sliders that allows the drives to be serviced from the rear, with no disruption to the Magstar 3494 Tape Library.
Up to 10 IBM 3490E F1A drives can be installed in each Magstar 3494 Tape Library.
Economical, rack mounted tape subsystem for AS/400, RS/6000, and S/390 systems.
10 cartridge Automatic Cartridge Facility (ACF) providing up to 24GB of unattended storage with 3:1 compression.
SCSI attached to RS/6000 and AS/400 systems.
ESCON attachment with optional controller feature on the 3490 FC0.
The IBM 3490E Model F11 is intended for use in backup, archiving files, off-site data storage for disaster recovery and data exchange with other systems.
The IBM 3490E Model F11 is rack-mountable. Up to four 3490E Model F11s can be installed in the 3490E Model FC0 Rack. An optional control unit is available on the FC0 rack which allows the F11 drive to be attached to ESCON systems.
The ten cartridge autoloader on the IBM 3490E Model F11 automatically loads and unloads cartridges as they are filled, improving efficiency by reducing operator handling.
Attachment to SCSI hosts.
Attachment to ESCON host with optional control unit feature.
Remote support for ESCON attachment.
Modular – install one F11 drive at a time.
Significant reduction in power and cooling requirements.
Effective throughput rates of 10MB/sec with an ESCON control unit with four drives.
The IBM 3490E Model FC0 supports up to four F11 drives, one control unit feature, and a maximum of two channel adapter features. The IBM 3490E Model FC0 control unit feature can support up to eight IBM 3490E Model F11 tape drives. For an eight-drive configuration an additional IBM 3490E Model FC0 rack is used as an expansion frame.
IBM’s 3490E Model FC0, with control unit and IBM 3490E Model F11 tape drives, can provide significant improvements in throughput. A maximum throughput of 10MB/sec, uncompacted, is possible using ESCON attachment. The previous models of the IBM 3490E A10/B40 combination provided 3MB/sec. This improvement is gained by the drives residing on a shared 20MB/sec bandwidth