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TapeXpress T490e

T490e Overland

 Reliable, field-proven tape path design and components High appeal to library system integrators Percentage-of-tape-remaining display High-performance, 3 MB/second data transfer standard Fast/Wide SCSI option Flash PROM’s, easy firmware upgrades

One Drive Serves A Full Range Of Half-Inch Tape Drive Needs
Now full 18/36-track read and write performance is available in a single tape drive for lower performance and mid-range systems. Whether you use 3480/3490 18-track for interchange, or 3490E 36-track for high-performance backup, the compact versatile T490E is ideal for PCs or workstations in office environments.

Designed For High-Performance Data Transfer
The T490E drive offers a sustained data transfer rate of 3 MB/second, using the standard Fast SCSI-2 interface configuration. The drive’s outstanding performance characteristics, coupled with its exclusive 18-track write capabilities, enable the T490E to uniquely and powerfully serve the needs of tape library integrators.

Interchange Needs Are Also Met
The T490E drive allows 18-track users to capitalize on their existing interchange investment, while also enjoying the benefits of 36-track performance and capacity.

Connectivity With major Backup And HSM Packages
The T490E drive easily connects to numerous hardware platforms, and is supported by many popular backup and HSM software packages.

Built Upon Success
Built upon Overland’s very successful TapeXpress products, the T490E tape drive offers 3 MB/second performance (20 MB/second burst max.) in a proven product design. The T490E is ideally suited for both single cartridge interchange and for times when fast backup of critical files is imperative. Its compact design makes it equally useful in a desktop application or stored unobtrusively in a busy data center. Taking advantage of system connectivity already designed into the TapeXpress product line, the T490E drive easily connects to numerous hardware platforms, and is supported by many popular backup and HSM software packages.

Protecting Your Storage Investment
Overland’s more than 15 years of experience in providing business-critical tape storage solutions provides reliability and service you can depend on. Manufacturing interchange, backup and archival storage solutions, Overland meets the needs of IT professionals in industries worldwide.

Drive Performance
Tape Speed 2 meters/second
Transfer rate, sustained 3 MB/second, uncompressed
Transfer rate, burst (Fast SCSI) 10 MB/second
Transfer rate, burst (Fast/Wide SCSI) 20 MB/second
Buffer 4 MB standard
Nominal rewind time 5 seconds (60 max., 18-track)
Nominal load/unload time 15 seconds max.
Error correction Reed Solomon ECC
Hard error rate 1 x 1013 bytes read
Undetected error rate 1 x 1017 bytes read (calc.)
Drive Reliability
MTBF 35,000 hours
Head life (R/W head) 5,000 tape motion hours
Design life 5 years
Mean cycle between failures 150,000
Data Organization
Recording format 36-track ANSI, extended magnetic tape format, parallel
Backward compatibility Read/write 18-track
Compression mode IBM IDRC-compatible
Recording density 37,871 BPI
Tape path Hydrodynamic tape chutes
Read/write head 36-track thin film write/MR type
Native capacity 800 MB/cartridge
Capacity with compression 2.4 GB/cartridge (IBM IDRC at 3:1)
Block length 64 KB max.
Recording Medium
Tape 3480/3490/3490E-format compatible half-inch cartridge
Length 540/1,100 ft. (164.6/335.3 meters)
Supported Interfaces Fast SCSI-2, single-ended, asynchronous/synchronous
Fast SCSI-2, differential, asynchronous/synchronous
Fast/Wide SCSI-2, differential
Power Requirements
Voltage 85 – 259 VAC, autoranging
Line frequency 47 – 63 Hz
Power consumption 150 watts nominal
Regulatory Safety
Physical Dimensions
Height 10.2 in (25.9 cm)
Width 8.75 in (22.2 cm)
Length 17.0 in (43.2 cm)
Weight 34.8 lb (15.8 kg)
Power Consumption (assumes units are fully configured)
Voltage 115/240 VAC Auto-Switching
Line Frequency 50/60 Hertz
Amperage 2.8/1.7 A
Wattage 322/408
BTUs/Hr. 1099/1392


T490EW – Fast/Wide Desktop SCSI-SE 103427-001
T490EW – Fast/Wide Desktop SCSI-Diff 103249-001

L490EW – Fast/Wide Tower SCSI-SE 103428-001
L490EW – Fast/Wide Tower SCSI-Diff 103235-001

L490EW – Fast/Wide Rackmount SCSI-SE 103429-001
L490EW – Fast/Wide Rackmount SCSI-Diff 103236-001

L490EW – Fast/Wide Desktop SCSI-SE 103430-001
L490EW – Fast/Wide Desktop SCSI-Diff 103237-001