Legacy Tape Drives

New and refurbished 8mm Tape Drives are available from Sunstar in a variety of models as indicated below. Our complete 8mm tape drive sub-systems includes; software, cables & SCSI controller suited for your platform.

EXABYTE 8200 5.25″ 8mm 2.3GB SCSI
EXABYTE 8200D 5.25″ 8mm 2.3GB SCSI – DIFF
EXABYTE 8500 5.25″ 8mm 5GB SCSI
EXABYTE 8500C 5.25″ 8mm 5GB SCSI
EXABYTE 8500CD 5.25″ 8mm 5GB SCSI – DIFF
EXABYTE 8205 5.25″ 8mm 5GB SCSI (HH)
EXABYTE 8205XL 5.25″ 8mm 5-7GB SCSI (HH)
EXABYTE 8505 5.25″ 8mm 5-10GB SCSI (HH)
EXABYTE 8505XL 5.25″ 8mm 5-7GB SCSI (HH)
IBM MAMMOTH 7208 5.25″ 8mm 60-150GB
EXABYTE MAMMOTH LT 5.25″ 8mm 14/28GB
EXABYTE MAMMOTH 5.25″ 8mm 20/40GB
EXABYTE MAMMOTH-2 5.25″ 8mm 60GB
EXABYTE ELLIANT 820 5.25″ 8mm 7GB
Exabyte RakPak 5.25″ 8mm 66GB
Exabyte M2TM w/Fibre Channel 5.25″ 8mm 60GB
Exabyte VXATM -1 5.25″ 8mm 33GB
Exabyte VXA-1 w/FireWire 5.25″ 8mm 33GB