Legacy Tape Drives

DLT & SDLT Tape Drives

New and reconditioned DLT and SDLT  TAPE DRIVES    are available from Sunstar in a variety of models as indicated below. 

SDLT & DLT Tape Drives Native Capacity & Transfer Rate Compressed Capacity & Transfer Rate
DLT-S4 800GB at 60MB/s 1600GB at 320MB/s
SDLT 600 300GB at 36MB/s 600GB at 72MB/s
SDLT 320 160GB at 16MB/s 320GB at 32MB/s
SDLT 220 110GB at 11MB/s 220GB at 22MB/s
DLT 8000 40GB at 6MB/s 80GB at 12MB/s
DLT V4 160GB at 10MB/s 320GB at 20MB/s
DLT1 40GB at 3MB/s 80GB at 12MB/s
DLT-VS160 80GB at 8MB/s 160GB at 16MB/s
DLT-VS80 40GB at 3MB/s 80GB at 6MB/s
DLT 7000 35GB at 5MB/s 70GB at 10MB/s
DLT 4000 20GB at 1.5MB/s 40GB at 3MB/s
DLT 2000XT 15GB at 1.25MB/s 30GB at 2.5MB/s