Nexsan recently announced that 8TB NL-SAS 7,200 drives have been certified for the following E Series:

Nexsan E18V

Nexsan E48VT

Nexsan E60VT

Nexsan E18 Nexsan E48 Nexsan E60

E18V E32V E48VT E60VT
System Form Factor 2U 18 drives 2U 32 drives ** 4U 48 drives 4U 60 drives
Capacity (Max. per shelf) 144TB 38.4TB 384TB 480TB
Max. Number of Drives  54 32  144  180
Raw Storage (Max) 432TB 115.2TB  1152TB  1440TB
Controllers (Max) 2
Cache/Controller (Max) 4GB 4GB  16GB 16GB
Drive Types 7.2K NL-SAS,   10K SAS,   15K SAS,   SSD    ** 2½ drives only
RAID Levels 0,  1,  1+0,  4,  5,  6
Network Protocols 1GbE/10GbE iSCSI     8Gb or 16Gb Fibre Channel     6GB SAS