OAKDALE, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 13, 2015— Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, today announced it is now offering HGST’s 8TB Ultrastar® hard disk drives with its Nexsan E-Series™ family of data storage solutions. Now, with Nexsan E-Series, users can store up to 144TB of data in just two rack units and nearly 5PB in a standard rack, unlocking new levels of density and capacity customization in their data centers.


3.5-inch Helium Platform Enterprise Hard Drive


“Users in media and entertainment, high performance computing and many other industries struggle today with how to deliver adequate storage for the exponential data growth in their organizations using limited budgets and resources,” said Mike Stolz, vice president of marketing and global services for Imation’s Nexsan solutions. “They also are challenged by how to properly archive and protect their high-value data through both primary and backup storage. With HGST’s 8TB drives, we can deliver more capacity to users and lower their operating expenses – but even more, we offer them new flexibility and options for architecting their data centers and deliver new levels of value.”

“Our HelioSeal™ platform is quickly becoming the de facto standard in enterprise capacity drives for data centers,” said Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing, HGST. “Boasting today’s lowest total cost of ownership, our helium-filled disk drives combine industry leading capacity and power efficiency to enable the highest capacity per rack while staying within the stringent power consumption and cooling requirements of today’s data centers.”

Imation’s Nexsan E-Series is a family of high-density, high-performance and highly reliable storage solutions that can be directly attached or networked to workstations and servers. E-Series delivers the density and efficiency that organizations need to scale their capacity while lowering their overall space requirements and operating costs. All E-Series systems take the extra step to reduce power and cooling requirements through their multi-level, power-reducing AutoMAID™ capabilities. They also include an easy-to-use management interface that simplifies deployment and management for the resource-constrained IT administrator.

The E-Series family is just one part of Imation’s Nexsan deep portfolio of purpose-built storage solutions, enabling users to deploy the right storage products for the right application. The other Nexsan product lines are:

Imation’s Nexsan NST is a set of flexible hybrid storage appliances that scale to meet mid-sized organization application and storage needs with unified NAS and SAN access capabilities in a single solution.

Imation’s Nexsan Assureon is a set of secure storage solutions that reduce storage cost by offloading and deduplicating data from primary storage that is infrequently used or has aged by policy

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