StorageTek L40 and L20 Tape Library


The L40 tape library is affordable and high-performance data management for demanding NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments. Combining StorageTek’s high-speed robotics with innovative upgradeability, the L40 tape library solves growing data backup needs. StorageTek’s Adaptive Media Technology supports true mixed-media within the same library without partitioning, for easy data migration and upgrades. The L40 tape library is plug-and-play and provides hot-swappable tape drives, fans and redundant power for ultimate high availability and reliability that is backed by StorageTek’s proven reliability and world-class support.

The L20 tape library delivers data protection and management for distributed NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments. Centralize your data and save costs with the automated L20 tape library. Designed for plug-and-play, low-cost, unattended data backup, the L20 tape library is perfect for small workgroups, branch offices or remote sites; it can even operate in autoloader mode. The L20 tape library includes the Library Status Tool to manage your administrative tasks offsite. StorageTek’s L20 tape library provides you with ultra-reliable, cost-effective backup and recovery.

L20 tape library10, 20
1-2 LTO Gen 1, 2, 3; SDLT 320, SDLT 600 drives or a combination
UNIX, Windows NT, Novell NetWare
L40 tape library20, 40
1-4 LTO Gen 1, 2, 3, SDLT 320, SDLT 600 drives or a combination
UNIX, Linux, Windows NT, Novell NetWare
L80 tape library40, 60, 80
1-8 LTO Gen 1, 2, 3; SDLT 320 and 600 drives or a combination
UNIX, Linux, Windows NT, Novell NetWare

 Oracle StorageTek L20 Tape Library

Oracle StorageTek L40 Tape Library

Library Admin software:Remote library monitoring and maintenance (optional)
Library Manager software:Central management, sharing and robotivs control for SCSI-attached libraries (optional)
Framework Library Monitor software:Host-based and over SCSI. Monitor and respond to library via leading system management frameworks (SMFs) (optional)
Library Status Tool software:Embedded software for remote monitoring and diagnostics of entire system
SNMP:Embedded SNMP agent that enables remote reporting, monitoring and notification via standard Ethernet connection
Digital vision system:Unique digital vision camera system performs continuous calibration and reads bar codes
Operator panel:User-friendly configuration and diagnostic controls, status display and viewing window
Automatic clean:Dedicated cleaning cartridge slot for tape drive cleaning by library or software command
Automatic self discovery:Self-configures the drives, slots and CAP. Also identifies drive and media types
Continuous automation calibration:No periodic maintenance or alignment required

 Oracle StorageTek L20 Tape Library        Oracle StorageTek L40 Tape Librar

 StorageTek L20 L40 L80 Series of Tape Libraries     Datasheet