StorageTek L700 Tape Library

L700 The StorageTek™ L700 tape library is designed for large, distributed open systems implementations in UNIX and Windows NT environments. The high-speed Fibre Channel interface, paired with the Fibre Channel StorageTek™ 9840 or T9940 tape drive, makes it ideal for attachment to scalable Storage Area Networks (SANs).
  • Mixed media for high capacity/bandwidth. Adaptive media technology supports up to 12 StorageTek 9840 or T9940 tape drives or 20 DLT, SDLT* or LTO Ultrium tape drives. Or mix any of these drives in different combinations. Store up to 74.5TB.
  • Share/manage over large distances. Fibre Channel connectivity allows faster data sharing and remote data management.
  • Simplify and centralize administration. Intelligent software monitors and collects library statistics. Streamlined management optimizes space, increases availability and boosts e-business performance. Access and monitor information remotely using a standard web browser.
  • Operate round-the-clock. Tape drives, fans and power supplies can be hot-swapped (replaced without shutting down the system). Uninterruptible and Redundant Power Supplies are also available. No routine maintenance is required.
  • Localize network components.  Integrated standard 19″ rack space to mount auxilliary systems: Router, Hub, Switch, UPS etc.
  • Accelerate the exchange rate. Advanced 4D Robotics™ provide more exchanges per hour.
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