StorageTek L80 Tape Library


The L80 tape library is ideal for mid-size NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments with data-dense, throughput-intensive requirements. Multiple upgrade paths protect your investment allowing you to easily expand your system when needed. StorageTek’s Adaptive Media Technology supports true mixed-media within the same library without partitioning, for easy data migration and upgrades. The L80 library provides remote monitoring and management capabilities. The L80 tape library is plug-and-play data protection that provides hot-swappable tape drives, fans and redundant power for ultimate high availability, backed by StorageTek’s proven reliability and world-class support.

Capacity, native (uncompressed):(maximum configuration 80 cartridges)
LTO Gen 1 (100 GB/cart) – 8.0 TB
LTO Gen 2 (200 GB/cart) – 16.0 TB
LTO Gen 3 (400 GB/cart) – 32.0 TB
SDLT 320 (160 GB/cart) – 12.8 TB
SDLT 600 (300 GB/cart) – 24.0 TB
Number of cartridge slots:40, 60, 80
Number of tape drives / types:1-8 LTO Gen 1, 2, 3; SDLT 320 and 600 drives or a combination

L20 L40 L80 Series of Tape Libraries

Oracle StorageTek L80 Tape Library User’s Guide