We understand that your data storage equipment maintenance needs sometimes go beyond depot repair, advance exchange and technical support over the phone. That’s why we also offer an extensive choice of on-site data storage services performed by professional Field Engineers, including:

3583    SL500    IBM 840

Decommissioning Removal & Destruction

When facing end-of-life decisions about your data storage equipment, you want to make sure your company meets all legal and environmental legislation requirements. You also want to ensure your sensitive data will be securely handled and destroyed.

We have successfully carried out the data storage decommissioning, removal and destruction of technical assets for many government and corporate clients, educational institutions and local authorities. We will take care of your entire IT asset decommissioning needs and responsibilities, including:

  • Performing full data wiping service of all hard disks on all data storage equipment
  • Accept full legal liabilities for all equipment upon receipt
  • Enabling compliance with the highest level of governmental, environmental and recycling legislation
Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our decommissioning services or call 800.663.5523