Tape Libraries and Autoloaders (NEO Series) available from Sunstar Company, Inc.

The Overland family of NEO Series automated tape libraries combines effortless backup and archive with the capacities and affordability needed to meet your data storage requirements.

Designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, distributed networks or global enterprises, NEO Series libraries ensure that your data is automatically safe, readily available and always there.

Overland Storage is the trusted global provider of effortless data management and data protection solutions across the data lifecycle. 


  NEO 8000E NEO 4000E NEO 2000E NEO 400S NEO 200S NEO 100S
Best Fit For Very large, data-intensive businesses needing high-availability backup and archive of mission critical data Large businesses with high-performance, high-capacity data storage needs Mid-sized businesses with rapidly changing IT environments experiencing high data growth Mid-sized businesses with moderately growing data storage requirements Small businesses or remote locations with growing data storage requirements Budget-constrained small businesses or remote locations with moderate data storage requirements
Capacity 80TB – 1.5PB 48TB – 180TB 24TB – 90TB 38.4TB – 144TB 9.6TB – 72TB 7.2TB – 27TB
Performance 432GB/hr – 12TB/hr 432GB/hr – 4TB/hr 288GB/hr – 2TB/hr 1.2TB/hr – 4TB/hr 576GB/hr – 2TB/hr 432GB/hr – 1TB/hr
Drive Support LTO-4, LTO-5 LTO-4, LTO-5 LTO-4, LTO-5 LTO-4, LTO-5 LTO-4, LTO-5 LTO-4, LTO-5
Form Factor 43u 10u 5u 4u 2u 1u
# of tape cartridge slots 100 – 500 60 30 48 12 to 24 9
# of tape drives Up to 12 Up to 4 Up to 2 Up to 4 Up to 2 1

Overland has taken the complexity out of data management and protection, making it easy and cost-effective to manage different tiers of information over time. Companies can focus on building their business instead of worrying about data growth, data loss or data management with SnapServer®, NEO®, and REO®; product lines combined with dedicated global service and support from Overland Storage.

Whether data is being stored as primary, nearline, offline, archival or in the cloud, Overland has a product that is simple, intuitive and cost effective.

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