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Purpose-built physical backup appliances for enterprise-class virtual, deep virtual, physical protection, and unified computer protection.

Unitrends provides physical, virtual and cloud-based protection and recovery for every organization’s most valuable assets: its data and applications. Supported by a “crazy-committed” customer service model based on engagement, experience and excellence, the company consistently achieves a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating and helps everyone play IT safe by delivering the best cost-to-value ratio available anywhere.

Unitrends Recovery-Series appliances are shaping a new era of modern business continuity by assuring the backup and recovery of your IT assets anytime, anywhere.

Offered in shrink-wrapped packages based on an integrated, scalable architecture, (now with SSD) these appliances offer flexible deployment options and No Limits Licensing™, giving you maximum protection at the industry’s lowest TCO.

Supporting 100+ versions of computers, storage devices, operating systems, hypervisors and applications, work alone or in tandem with Unitrends Enterprise Backup virtual appliances, and can extend from on-premise to second site or cloud environments.


Recovery Series Models (2015)
Raw Capacity (TB)
Backup Capacity (TB)
U Height


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Unitrends Recovery-Series appliances are shaping a new era of modern business continuity by assuring the backup and recovery of your IT assets anytime, anywhere.


Recovery Series Models (2015) 201 602 603 713S 714S 814S 823S 824S 933S 936S 943S
Raw Capacity (TB) 1 2 3 6 8 12 19 25 37 73 97
Backup Capacity (TB) .6 1.2 1.6 3.2 5 8 13 16 20 40 50
U Height Desktop 1U 1U 1U 1U 1U 2U 2U 3U 3U 4U


Models (Prior to 2015)   RC-712   RC-713   RC-813   RC-822   RC-823   RC-824



Raw Storage (TB) 4 6 9 13 19 25 31 97
Maximum Backup (TB) 2.4 3.2 6 9 13 16 20 50


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Unitrends Enterprise Backup and Recovery-Series Feature Highlights

Support of Your Unique Mix of Data Center Assets
Protection for 100+ versions of Operating Systems and Applications – Unitrends uses a common D2D backup and recovery engine for providing protection for protecting over 100 versions of servers, storage, operating systems, hypervisors, and applications including NAS, SAN, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, AIX, Solaris, iSeries, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, and many others. Optimal data protection for this many different environments has driven a unique data protection architecture that supports agent-based and agentless protection as well as file- and image-level protection.

Instant Recovery with Failover Virtualization
With instant recovery for VMware and Windows, you can completely recover your system in less than 5 minutes.The most flexible recovery strategies – Instant spin-up recovery? Yes. Instant granular recovery? Yes. Similar and dissimilar physical and virtual bare metal allow you to perform P2P, V2P, P2V, and V2V recovery.Hot/Cold Bare Metal – By offering both cold and hot bare metal, we offer you the flexibility to easily restore your entire system.Significantly reduce backup windows, retention and replication bandwidth using the new Exchange incremental backup schedule with automatic log truncation.  Additionally, you can speed up recovery of multiple Microsoft SQL Server databases through a single, easy to use setup process.

Continuous Data Protection & Point-in-Time Protection
World class RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) – backups can be performed as often as once every 60 seconds. Improve your recovery point objectives with Incremental Forever. Near-CDP with up to 10,000 snapshots per week means smaller backup windows and improved network bandwidth efficiency.

VMware Certified Application Recovery (VCAR)
New integration between Unitrends physical and virtual appliances and ReliableDR lets you certify the recovery of applications within your vSphere backups. With the optional VCAR feature add-on, ReliableDR orchestrates instant recovery on Unitrends appliances and allows for pushbutton failover when you need to recover applications, locally or across data centers. Industry leading DR governance, orchestration and automation is now enabled for Unitrends appliances to give you predictable application recovery plans.

Global Deduplication
Compression and deduplication across multiple storage devices via our advanced storage virtualization and thin provisioning capabilities that are built in to our virtual appliances. And CBT (Change Block Tracking) is supported on both Microsoft and VMware hypervisors to eliminate redundant data.Adaptive Byte-level Deduplication – A deduplication that doesn’t require expensive dedicated hardware. Adaptive Deduplication™ is a hybrid data reduction technology combining inline compression with post-processing data deduplication that adapts dynamically to multiple factors.

Unitrends Bridge
Transformation of physical Windows systems into virtual machines with this one-click physical to virtual (P2V) feature. Enables instant recovery and considerably drives down recovery time objectives (RTOs) for physical as well as virtual backups.

Unified BareMetal
Unitrends Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) for the Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ products has always been a feature that set our company apart, including our patent-pending Meta-Bare Metal technology for unified architectures, first introduced for Cisco UCS. Unified Bare Metal unifies the bare metal backup and master backup so only one backup type is needed. The advantages are enormous, including: increasing retention by over 100%, improving replication performance by over 100%, removing the need to restore a bare metal backup before the file-based backup and allowing bare metal backups to be restored to different size targets, just to name a few of the benefits.

Single pane of glass

Single Pane of Glass
The Web 2.0 User Interface provides an easy to use drag and drop interface that monitors and manages backup, archiving and disaster recovery through a single, intuitive, pane of glass, boasting a web 2.0-based user interface. This enables you to buy only the appliance you need and yet grow the amount of space on your appliance as your business grows.

No Limits Licensing
Imagine ultimate backup freedom with Unitrends No Limits Licensing™ that boasts no per client fees, no per agent fees, no per operating system fees, no per application fees and no new release fees.

Disaster Recovery
Unitrends provides point-in-time data recovery and speedy restore of failed systems. But your data protection strategy requires a third component: off-site storage for your protected data and systems.
Incremental forever, as often as 15 minutes. Offering incremental forever with synthetics for VMware and Hyper-V (as well as some physical environments as well) in addition to fully customizable configurations of backup strategies including full/full, full/differential, full/ incremental, and completely “create it yourself” strategies. We don’t limit you to single server job scheduling nor do we force you to use multiple server job scheduling – we offer both.

Make the most of your WAN – Disk, tape (if the hypervisor supports it), NAS, and SAN rotational and fixed archiving of tertiary backups is built in and works alone and with replication. New Parallel Archiving allows archiving of multiple backups at the same time, enabling multiple archive jobs to execute concurrently increasing performance by 50 – 200%.

Simply Scalable™
Enterprise-level data protection for every business. A federated, scalable architecture means flexible deployments and no “fork-lift” upgrades. Our technology supports scaling up and scaling out, but what about scaling down to lower the learning curve of less experienced users?
An environmentally adaptive user interface. Our environmentally adaptive user interface provides ease of use without sacrificing click minimization for experienced users. And unlike other products, all with virtually no wizards.

AES-256 Encryption – Conventional encryption takes a heavy toll on the performance and ease-of-use of your information technology infrastructure. By incorporating 256-bit hardware assist AES encryption on-premise, the typical performance penalty associated with encryption is eliminated, improving performance of encryption in flight and at rest by over 200%.


Crazy-Committed to Customer Success
98%+ customer satisfaction rating. Average 3 rings to a support engineer (not to a dispatcher). Phone/email/ online chat available.


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You are building your next generation data center today. You want it all: sophisticated and powerful heterogeneous data protection of virtual, deep virtual, unified, and physical environments—the simplicity of virtual-only protection—and the capability of automated orchestration and test. But the sheer complexity of putting together different products from different vendors is daunting; the combined price tag leaves you breathless; and you know that when the chips are down you’re going to have finger-pointing vendors blaming other vendors (and you!) and you’ll be on your own with poor customer support.

Enter Unitrends. You can have it all—not only one suite of data protection products from a single award-winning customer-obsessed vendor—but with one simple price that is lower than other vendor’s virtual-only offerings. Our Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite includes:

And our Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite also includes our award winning customer-obsessed support for which Unitrends is renowned.

Diagram of the UCRS Su


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You already have your server, your storage, your networking, your hypervisor—what you want is backup software. But how do you choose? You have the traditional enterprise vendors who offer complex and expensive software that can require a PhD in backup just to understand all the options you need to buy. You have non-integrated niche vendors extolling that almost anything other than what they sell is “legacy” and hence bad—and making excuses for lack of functionality by telling you its by design. And for all of them you have the nagging suspicion—born of your own experience and reinforced in social media and everywhere you go—that when the chips are down you’re going to be on your own with poor customer support.

Enter Unitrends. We offer two backup virtual appliances: Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) andUnitrends Virtual Backup™ (UVB). As their name imply, UEB is designed for virtual, physical, and unified systems; UVB is designed for virtual-only systems. A more thorough comparison of each is depicted below. But in terms of the most important things the two products are the same: integrated backup, global deduplication, archiving, instant recovery, and replication software with a pre-installed operating system and database so that you can focus on your business rather than your backup.

And since the best choice can sometimes be not having to make a choice, we offer our Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite™ that includes Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Virtual Backup, and our ReliableDR.


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Disaster Recovery with Automated Orchestration and Test for VMware vSphere
You’ve automated your backup across your data center; but what about recovery? How do you ensure that you can recover at not only the server level but at the operating system and even the application level with iron-clad certified assurance within a specific amount of time (guaranteed RTO—Recovery Time Objective) and within the maximum tolerable data loss period (guaranteed RPO—Recovery Point Objective?)

Ever wonder about all those VMware vSphere VMs that you religiously backup up and replicate – what happens to each of them? You just throw each one away. What if you had a technology that allowed you to use each and every one of them so that you knew—without a doubt— that you could recover within your objectives? That you could finally stop talking about RTOs and RPOs and instead talk about RTAs and RPAs (Recovery Time Actuals and Recovery Point Actuals?)

Enter Unitrends. Unitrends ReliableDR™ enables you to take the guesswork out of recovery—to replace the time and expense of manual testing while ensuring that you meet your business service level agreements and your compliance requirements. ReliableDR allows you to:


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Cloud Recovery – anytime, anywhere

Cloud Recovery Anytime, Anywhere

The cloud. Enormous promise—and yet—has there ever been a more over-hyped term in the technology industry? Vendors are constantly trying to sell you their cloud-washed product which offers little in terms of additional benefit from the cloud versus your on premise solution. Even worse, these and other vendors are attempting to force you into their cloud services without taking into account limited available WAN bandwidth, SLAs you need for recovery of data, your systems, and your entire IT infrastructure, and your desire to have a single point of responsibility for backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Enter Unitrends.  Unitrends Cloud is a disaster recovery and business continuity offering that takes the capabilities of our Recovery-Series and our Unitrends Enterprise Backup backup products and enhances them with our cloud capabilities. What does that mean? It means that you get the recovery and recovery assurance technologies you’ve come to expect from our appliances—including granular archiving, Windows physical and guest operating system (GOS) level instant recovery and recovery assurance via auditing, and virtual hypervisor instant recovery and recovery assurance via Recovery Assurance for vSphere—and then empowers your appliance with these capabilities and more in our Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends Cloud is available in three editions: Metered, No Limits Cloud, and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS.) See the “Editions” section for more information about each.


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Backup and Recovery Software

At Unitrends, we get that businesses of all sizes require recovery assurance, not just recovery promises.  And, in a world where IT environments grow more complex, straining limited resources, businesses need backup and recovery assurance that deliver practical solutions to fit their specific requirements.  Only Unitrends provides unified recovery management of data, applications, systems and infrastructure—plus certified recovery assurance and DR testing. From on-premise to secondary site and cloud backup and recovery, Unitrends has you covered with these unique software solutions.

Comprehensive Recovery Assurance

Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite™ (UCRS) bundles Unitrends Enterprise BackupUnitrends Virtual Backup, and ReliableDR for the ultimate data protection and disaster recovery suite, for both physical and virtual environments.

Automated Continuous Disaster Recovery Testing and Recovery Certification for VMware vSphere

Unitrends ReliableDR eliminates the time and expense of manual testing while certifying Recovery Time Actuals to meet compliance and SLA objectives.

Data Protection and Recovery for Those Managing Heterogeneous Environments

Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) for VMware and Hyper-V delivers all-in-one virtual and physical data protection.

Faster, Easier, and More Affordable Backup and Recovery for Virtualization-centric Organizations

Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB)formerly PHD Virtual Backup—for VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer environments provides for simple yet sophisticated virtual-only protection. 


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See how other Data Protection offerings stack up against Unitrends Backup, Recovery and Replication Solutions!