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Nexsan E18X, E32X, E48X and E60X Expansion Units
The next generation of SAN storage systems delivering dramatic enhancements in efficiency and ease-of-use

Up to 2 expansion chassis of type

Nexsan E18 Nexsan E48 Nexsan E60

All Expansion units require a dual controller base unit and include the needed number of SAS cables for connectivity

All Expansion units need to be identical to the main unit (e.g.,  E60V to E60XV, or E60V to E60XV to E60XV).

NEXSAN E18XV Part Number
Expansion unit for E18V only  
E18XV 18x1TB 7.2K E18XVR18N/1
E18XV 18x2TB 7.2K E18XVR36N/2
E18XV 18x3TB 7.2K E18XVR54N/3
E18XV 18x4TB 7.2K E18XVR72N/4
E18XV 18x6TB 7.2K E18XVR108N/6
E18XV 18x450GB 15K E18XVR8P1/450
E18XV 18x600GB 15K E18XVR10P8/600
E18XV 18x900GB 10K E18XVR16J2/900
E18XV 18×1.2TB 10K E18XVR21J6/1P2
NEXSAN E32XV Part Number
Expansion unit for E32V only  
E32XV 16x600GB 10K E32XVR9J6/600
E32XV 32x600GB 10K E32XVR19J2/600
E32XV 16x900GB 10K E32XVR14J4/900
E32XV 32x900GB 10K E32XVR28J8/900
E32XV 16×1.2TB 10K E32XVR19J2/1P2
E32XV 32×1.2TB 10K E32XVR38J4/1P2
NEXSAN E48XV Part Number
Expansion unit for E48V or E48VT Only  
E48XV 16x1TB 7.2K E48XVR16N/1
E48XV 32x1TB 7.2K E48XVR32N/1
E48XV 48x1TB 7.2K E48XVR48N/1
E48XV 16x2TB 7.2K E48XVR32N/2
E48XV 32x2TB 7.2K E48XVR64N/2
E48XV 48x2TB 7.2K E48XVR96N/2
E48XV 16x3TB 7.2K E48XVR48N/3
E48XV 32x3TB 7.2K E48XVR96N/3
E48XV 48x3TB 7.2K E48XVR144N/3
E48XV 16x4TB 7.2K E48XVR64N/4
E48XV 32x4TB 7.2K E48XVR128N/4
E48XV 48x4TB 7.2K E48XVR192N/4
E48XV 16x6TB 7.2K E48XVR96N/6
E48XV 32x6TB 7.2K E48XVR192N/6
E48XV 48x6TB 7.2K E48XVR288N/6
E48XV 16x450GB 15K E48XVR7P2/450
E48XV 32x450GB 15K E48XVR14P4/450
E48XV 48x450GB 15K E48XVR21P6/450
E48XV 16x600GB 15K E48XVR9P6/600
E48XV 32x600GB 15K E48XVR19P2/600
E48XV 48x600GB 15K E48XVR28P8/600
E48XV 16x900GB 10K E48XVR14J4/900
E48XV 32x900GB 10K E48XVR28J8/900
E48XV 48x900GB 10K E48XVR43J2/900
E48XV 16×1.2TB 10K E48XVR19J2/1P2
E48XV 32×1.2TB 10K E48XVR38J4/1P2
E48XV 48×1.2TB 10K E48XVR57J6/1P2
NEXSAN E60XV Part Number
Expansion unit for E60V or E60VT Only  
E60XV 20x1TB 7.2K E60XVR20N/1
E60XV 40x1TB 7.2K E60XVR40N/1
E60XV 60x1TB 7.2K E60XVR60N/1
E60XV 20x2TB 7.2K E60XVR40N/2
E60XV 40x2TB 7.2K E60XVR80N/2
E60XV 60x2TB 7.2K E60XVR120N/2
E60XV 20x3TB 7.2K E60XVR60N/3
E60XV 40x3TB 7.2K E60XVR120N/3
E60XV 60x3TB 7.2K E60XVR180N/3
E60XV 20x4TB 7.2K E60XVR80N/4
E60XV 40x4TB 7.2K E60XVR160N/4
E60XV 60x4TB 7.2K E60XVR240N/4
E60XV 20x6TB 7.2K E60XVR120N/6
E60XV 40x6TB 7.2K E60XVR240N/6
E60XV 60x6TB 7.2K E60XVR360N/6
E60XV 20x450GB 15K E60XVR9P0/450
E60XV 40x450GB 15K E60XVR18P0/450
E60XV 60x450GB 15K E60XVR27P0/450
E60XV 20x600GB 15K E60XVR12P0/600
E60XV 40x600GB 15K E60XVR24P0/600
E60XV 60x600GB 15K E60XVR36P0/600
E60XV 20x900GB 10K E60XVR18J0/900
E60XV 40x900GB 10K E60XVR36J0/900
E60XV 60x900GB 10K E60XVR54J0/900
E60XV 20×1.2TB 10K E60XVR24J0/1P2
E60XV 40×1.2TB 10K E60XVR48J0/1P2
E60XV 60×1.2TB 10K E60XVR72J0/1P2
E60XV and E48XV units are 4U in height and include IEC 60320 C13 to C14 power cords, E32XV and E18XV are 2U in height and include IEC 60320 C13 to NEMA 5-15P.