Do you have a defection Quantum Super DLT Tape Drive that needs to get Repaired?

We at Sunstar Company, Inc repair all the models listed below. Many of these drives have been discontinued for years, however we have spare parts and in some cases replacement drives ready to ship.

Sunstar Company repairs all tape drives. Standalone or library drives are repaired, tested and shipped with warranty:

Please call us at (800) 663-5523 or  contact us online for a quote. All our drives ship with a warranty.
Drive Capacity (GB) Interface Data Rate (MB/s)
DLT8000 40 Fast/Wide SCSI-2 6
SDLT 220 110 Ultra-2-Wide SCSI 11
SDLT 320 160 Ultra-2-Wide SCSI 16
SDLT 600 300 Ultra-160 SCSI/FC 2Gb 36
SDLT 600A 300 GbE (FTP, HTTP) 36
DLT-S4 800 Ultra-320 SCSI/FC 4Gb/SAS 60
DLT-S4A 800 GbE (FTP, HTTP) 60