The drive’s 9 MB/sec data rate is three times faster than previous 3480, 3490, or 3490E tape drives allowing tape applications to read or write data more quickly. With built-in data compression, the IBM 3590-B1A can more effectively utilize the full capability of the 40 MB per second Ultra SCSI interface.

Process More Tapes

Process more tape applications and run tape-related workloads more quickly. In the event of loss or damage to files on disk storage, the performance of the 3590-B1A can speed up system recovery. Improved tape efficiency also enables the growth of new applications across the enterprise.

Up to 20GB Per Tape

The 3590 cartridges have an uncompressed data capacity of 10 GB or 20 GB.

Reduce Operations Costs

The increased capacity of the IBM 3590 reduces the number of cartridges you must purchase. The expanded capacity of the 3590 cartridge also lowers the cost of tape storage.

Make Fewer Mistakes

The 3590 Tape Drive is designed for even higher reliability than 3490E tape drives. The 3590 incorporates many features to improve its reliability such as an improved Error Correction Code (ECC) and servo tracks written on each tape cartridge to ensure accurate reading and writing. Media has also been designed to improve the reliability and archive life. In addition, each 3590 contains resident advanced diagnostics that monitor the operation of the drive and aid in fast resolution should a problem occur.

Reduce Downtime

Reliability is especially important for unattended system backup. The 3590-B1A’s advanced identification of potential drive or media problems enables operators to avoid critical outages when they can least afford them. When problems do occur, better diagnostics make for quicker resolution.

These 3590 tape drives are no longer manufactured. These reconditioned drives are available in a number of formats from us here at Sunstar Company.

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