Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C enterprise tape drive blends the highest capacity, performance, reliability, and data security to support demanding, 24/7 data center operations. The eco-efficient StorageTek T10000C tape drive also
ensures the lowest total cost of ownership, and proven reliability with ongoing compatibility with StorageTek enterprise libraries as well as third-party hardware and software.


Support the Most Demanding Data Center Operations
The StorageTek T10000C tape drive delivers superior value and performance for any data  storage and retrieval:
 Lowest total cost of ownership. Fewer drives, libraries and media do the same job with T10000C’s highest capacity and fastest throughput
 Unprecedented performance. StorageTek Accelerator features maximize data center efficiency
 Best in class data availability. Enterprise design and data integrity validation ensure reliable access to data
 Simplified management. A host of new data management tools, and compatibility with Oracle enterprise tape products make it simple to manage extreme amounts of data
 Protect your data and your business. Choose encryption and WORM technology—to meet evolving requirements for data security and compliance

Backup windows will shrink with 240 megabytes per second full file throughput, twice as fast as the previous generation tape drive, while StorageTek tape accelerator features maximize tape performance.
Starts and stops are unavoidable in an enterprise data center, but can be minimized with the StorageTek T10000C. Starts, stops and back-hitching are nearly eliminated with a 2 gigabyte buffer to maximize streaming, StorageTek File Sync Accelerator to write small blocks more efficiently and StorageTek Tape Application Accelerator to buffer tape marks.
The StorageTek Search Accelerator improves HSM audit times 400% over other similar search technologies. Increased speed means shorter backup windows and fewer drives to do the work.

When writing large volumes of data to tape, be sure that the file transferred correctly, the first time. StorageTek Data Integrity Validation reads CRC checksum files (based on the T10 ANSI standard) to verify that data was not corrupted en-route to the tape drive.The StorageTek T10000C tape drive is engineered to support demanding 24/7 high-duty cycle operations. The StorageTek SafeGuide tape path, which is the tape guiding system of the StorageTek T10000C tape drive, provides long-term data and drive reliability:
 The buckler mechanism securely attaches the cartridge leader to the drive leader
 The long tape path guides the media more accurately and reduces tape tension, which also reduces stress on the drive and media
 The tape guides contact only the backside of the media.

New data management tools facilitate the management of 5 terabytes of data on a single cartridge. With StorageTek Tape Tiering Accelerator and StorageTek In-Drive Reclaim Accelerator, tape is partitioned into more manageable segments. This facilitates faster data recall and the most efficient use of tape space.

Choose one or both—encryption and WORM technology—to meet evolving requirements for data security and compliance.
The StorageTek T10000C tape drive has built-in encryption that works in conjunction with Oracle Key Manager, an appliance that provides a simple, centralized, scalable solution for managing the keys used to encrypt and decrypt data written by the StorageTek T10000C tape drive. The encryption capability is the same proven technology that is used in the previous generation StorageTek T10000A and StorageTek T10000B tape drives, StorageTek LTO-5 tape drives, and the StorageTek T9840D tape drive. Use encryption to ensure that only the right people have access to the data, and avoid potential legal and financial problems caused by loss or theft of unencrypted data. StorageTek VolSafe secure media technology for the StorageTek T10000C tape drive helps you meet stringent electronic storage regulatory and legal requirements with WORM capability. Store data securely on non-erasable, non-rewritable tape and recall data quickly when you need it.

When you want to organize and optimize media to reduce downtime, risk, and maintenance, turn to Oracle for expert assistance. Media conversion services help you move data in optical, tape, and disk formats to new or different technology that offers higher capacity, lower cost, and lower risk. For example, it may be time to convert WORM optical to WORM VolSafe tape. And when optimizing data center facilities, tape relocation services expedite data center relocation and rack relocation activities.

Basic Specifications

Capacity – 5TB (1TB sport cartridge)
Native capacity (uncompressed) – Up to 5.5TB with StorageTek Maximum Capacity
Performance – (uncompressed) 252 MB/sec
Native sustained data rate – (uncompressed) 240 MB/sec (includes wrap turnarounds)

For use in SL8500 and L3000, we will provide the appropriate tray

We repair all Oracle tape drives, including T10000 models


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