5th Generation Scale-Up and Scale-Out All-Flash Array

Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array delivers consistently high performance combined with cost effectiveness and capacity efficiency no matter what the platform or workload.

Learn how K2 can help make all of your IT deployments perform better and at a significantly lower effective cost than other storage architectures.

With K2 all of your data center systems can consistently perform better, cost less, and scale easily and reliably.

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Solving the following Solutions

Do you invest a lot for your Oracle databases, yet don’t get the performance you need? Find out how a K2 array can help you deliver consistent Oracle performance while significantly reducing storage costs. Are your SQL Server databases not performing as expected? Are you running into conflicts between production OLTP applications and OLAP business analytics? Find out how an affordable K2 array can keep SQL Server performing even with demanding mixed workloads.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtualizing an organization’s desktop PCs can be complex and prone to performance problems, leading to dissatisfied and unproductive users. Find out how deploying VDI on a K2 All-Flash Array can ensure that users get the responsive desktops they need.

Server Consolidation

Server consolidation can become a performance nightmare for both storage and application administrators. Find out how K2′s advanced technologies and capabilities can keep your virtual servers running at their peak.

Big Data

Big Data places significant demands on storage infrastructure, far beyond those seen from production databases or virtual servers and desktops. K2 can scale up and out meet those demands with ease, letting you use a single array infrastructure for both big data analytics and production systems.

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