Nexsan E48VT SAN Storage

The Nexsan E48VT SAN storage solutions deliver efficiency and ease-of-use to help mid-market organizations add more capacity while lowering overall power, space and cost requirements. Innovative ease-of-use functionality makes deploying and managing storage as simple as possible for the resource constrained IT administrator. The E48VT delivers density and power efficiency for the smallest storage footprint […]

Nexsan E18V – 108TB in 2U

Reliable High Density Storage Arrays Turbocharged for High PerformanceThe Nexsan E18 V is an ultra-reliable, high-density, high performance, efficient storage array that enables lower storage costs, maximum storage uptime, and data storage ROI boosts for your organization. E-Series V systems consume less than one-third of the power in one-third of the rack space of typical […]

Nexsan E series now available with 6TB drives

 Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, today announced it is now offering 6TB hard disk drives with its Nexsan E-Series™ family of data storage solutions. Through E-Series, users now can pack more than 1PB of storage capacity into 12 rack units and more than 3.5PB into a standard rack, achieving a new […]

Nexsan E32V

Imation debuted the Nexsan E32V – an expansion of our E-Series V storage array family. The E32V is a 32-bay enclosure for 2.5″ hard drives and solid state drives that requires just 2U of rack space, bringing new value to datacenter professionals that require the very highest storage performance within a small footprint.  The E32V is a perfect […]