Speedup Oracle Database

How do we get optimal performance from our Oracle Database servers? This question is not new to the database administrator. Production systems must be able to quickly process revenue-producing transactions around the clock, while simultaneously executing demanding I/O operations like backups, database replication/failover, and OLAP business analytics and reporting. Enter Kaminario Kaminario’s K2 has the […]

Kaminario Flash is well suited for OLTP and OLAP

Kaminario K2 All-Flash Array delivers consistently high performance combined with cost effectiveness and capacity efficiency no matter what the platform or workload. The K2 is quite unique in that it: Scales Right: Does BOTH Scale-Up and Scale-Out Globally adapts to applications block-size Supports global inline selective deduplication Allows to mix & match Controllers and SSDs Has highest capacity utilization (87.5% with K-RAID™) and highest […]

Scale-Up and Scale-Out Flash Array

Kaminarios’s K2 is an All-Flash Array that can “scale-right” – scale-up with expansion shelves to increase capacity or scale-out with added K-Blocks to increase performance, or both. Scaling up and out is impressive on its own, but what about performance. K2 delivers consistent performance even in the face of challenging concurrent I/O demands from databases […]