Scale your Kaminario FLASH Array

Are you aware that Kaminario is the Only All-Flash Array that… Scales Right: Does BOTH Scale-Up and Scale-Out Globally adapts to applications block-size Supports global inline selective deduplication Allows to mix & match Controllers and SSDs Has highest capacity utilization (87.5% with K-RAID™) and highest density (up to 64 TB/U) This is super important because as […]

VDI Boot Storms can be a pain.

    Deploying Flash Storage for VDI Keeping users productive and satisfied is critical to the success of any VDI deployment. Solving this problem can be easily achieved by implementing a solid flash solution – Kaminanrio’s K2. Kaminario’s K2’s consistent low latency and predictable high IOPS/throughput deliver responsive virtual desktops and ensures both IT and […]

Scale-Up and Scale-Out Flash Array

Kaminarios’s K2 is an All-Flash Array that can “scale-right” – scale-up with expansion shelves to increase capacity or scale-out with added K-Blocks to increase performance, or both. Scaling up and out is impressive on its own, but what about performance. K2 delivers consistent performance even in the face of challenging concurrent I/O demands from databases […]