Reconditioned StorageTek LTO Tape Drives

Reconditioned StorageTek LTO Tape drives sold with warranty: Ready to ship. Specific the library that this drive will be installed in: LTO4 (IBM) Fibre Tape Drive:    LTO4 (HP) Fibre Tape Drive:  LTO3 (IBM) 4GB Fibre Tape Drive     LTO3 (HP) 4GB Fibre Tape Drive:   LTO3 (IBM) Fibre Tape Drive:    LTO3 (HP) […]

STK LTO Drives

Did you know that Oracle’s StorageTek LTO tape drives are available with the following interface options: • StorageTek LTO 4: U320 SCSI, 3 Gb SAS, 4 Gb FC• StorageTek LTO 5: 6 Gb SAS, 8 Gb FC• StorageTek LTO 6: 6 Gb SAS, 8 Gb FC To learn more about StorageTek Enterprise offerings, please contact sales at or call 310.330.2900

STK Tape Drives

StorageTek Enterprise available to ship from Sunstar Company, Inc. Also: Sunstar Company repairs most tape drives, however our speciality is LTO, StorageTek and IBM Enterprise Tape drives. StorageTek Tape Drives StorageTek speed- and capacity-optimized tape storage drives enable robust data protection, energy efficiency, and fast data transfer. StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive StorageTek […]

Oracle STK tape drives in stock, sold with warranty

StorageTek tape drives available for your existing STK tape library StorageTek T10000D StorageTek T10000B StorageTek T10000C StorageTek T10000 StorageTek T9940B StorageTek T9940 StorageTek T9840A StorageTek T9840B StorageTek T9840C StorageTek LTO Contact sales at or call 310.330.2900 to get additional information about Oracle STK drives and libraries

StorageTek SL8500 – Spare parts

Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 modular library system, the world’s first exabyte storage system, enables heterogeneous data consolidation and multi-generation media support in an ultra-dense footprint Looking to add or replace a drive or any additional hardware for you STK SL8500? Sunstar Company, Inc has the following tape drives in stock: T10000A, T10000B, T10000C  T9940B, T9940C and […]