Archive – solving problems

Data storage is too expensive and exceeds current budget Fixed content is still being backed up Archival data requires online file access Unstructured data management is too complex Disaster Recovery (DR) – second copy and/or off-site copy, compliance/regulatory requirements  The Solution StrongBox is a NAS appliance designed for unstructured data StrongBox is primary storage with […]

What is Crossroads StrongBox?

StrongBox is the ultimate storage solution for unstructured data. StrongBox® is a NAS appliance that provides online, near-line & archive storage for unstructured data while simplifying data management and protection. Combining flexible, policy-driven disk storage with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers users to control storage expenses without sacrificing performance or adding complexity. […]

Archive your unstructured data

StrongBox from Crossroads: StrongBox is a network attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to lower the costs of long-term storage and protection for unstructured, fixed content.. Data is exploding across the digital universe faster than ever before. While new information may need to be preserved for 2 or 20 years, data always needs to be […]