The Nexsan NST2000 by Imation expands the availability of fault-tolerant FASTier™ DRAM caching and Fibre Channel SAN connectivity, and puts them in reach of mid-range businesses

Use SSD to increase the cache memory pool so that I/Os are accelerated before they go through the controller to the back-end disk drives. The larger the cache memory pool, the greater the likelihood of getting a cache hit without having to access the back-end disks—which results in greater application performance.

Hybrid Storage  is defined as a combination of solid-state disk (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD) in a single storage system.

A fully unified, enterprise-class, unified hybrid storage solution that simultaneously supports block and file traffic eliminating the need for organizations to invest in separate SAN and NAS storage systems.

NST2000 scales capacity and performance.

The Nexsan NST2000 provides CIFS, NFS and FTP file sharing protocols for enterprise NAS file sharing as well as the FC and iSCSI SAN block storage protocol for server volume sharing.

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