Archive your data – offload data from your primary storage!

As data creation, storage and access requirements continue to grow and evolve, organizations are struggling to meet internal business requirements and externally imposed regulations. No single vendor has the complete product set or resources to solve today’s data access demands.

Video surveillance has grown far past the lone camera trained on a parking lot.

Companies are still storing weeks of video aimed at crime deterrence. But tools are now on the market that help companies analyze video as they would other forms of data – and bringing the benefits of big data to businesses that, in just a few short years, now have the ability to gain insights previously limited to billion-dollar corporations.

Retail operations are digging deeper into customer behavior using digital video. By recording in-store consumer behavior as it happens, then utilizing video analysis software, retailers gain data-based insights on how customers interact with products in high-value merchandising “hot spots” such as endcaps, checkout lanes, and in-aisle promotions. These real-time insights can drive nimble decision-making regarding product merchandising and store layout – and drive more sales.

Facilities management systems save money on power, centralize and automate operations, and improve security using digital video. Cameras linked to building access systems can activate HVAC, IT security, lighting, and other systems in specific areas of a facility upon the entry of an authorized employee.

Sports are a primary area of using video for analytics. Professional, college, and even high school programs are now storing and analyzing footage from game and practice situations to understand advanced performance metrics for every player. Teams use this data to improve individual player performance and to understand team tendencies, strengths, and areas for improvement.

The advanced frame rates and resolution of today’s surveillance video creates specific demands on storage. Systems that can easily manage flexible storage pools, multiple protocols and architectures, and high reliability deliver what security IT specialists need.

Consider how your business would benefit from a broader view of video surveillance.

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