Standalone and Library LTO4 Tape Drives Repaired Promptly with Warranty

Sunstar Company repairs your defective HP, IBM, Quantum and Tandberg LTO4 Tape Drives

We have spare parts and a significant inventory of replacement drives in stock should you require a replacement drive immediately.


Native Capacity: 800GB

Compressed Capacity: 1.6TB (assuming 2:1)

Buffer Size: 128MB

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Native data transfer rate
  • 120 MB/s with LTO-4 media
  • 80 MB/s with LTO-3 media
  • 35.6 MB/s with LTO-2 media
Data transfer rate, compressed (assumes 2:1 data compression)
  • 240 MB/s with LTO-4 media
  • 160 MB/s with LTO-3 media
  • 71.2 MB/s with LTO-2 media
Burst transfer rate
320 MB/s (Ultra320 SCSI)
Data rate matching range
40 – 120 MB/s
Data access time (from BOT)
  • 46 s (LTO-2 media)
  • 52 s (LTO-3 media)
  • 62 s (LTO-4 media)
Rewind time from EOT
  • < 124 s for LTO-4 media
  • < 102 s for LTO-3 media
  • < 92 s for LTO-2 media
Rewind tape speed
7 m/s for (LTO-3 and LTO-2 media)
Average load time
< 19 s (Rewriteable), 22 s (WORM-initialized)
Average unload time
< 19 s (Rewriteable), 22 s (WORM-initialized)
AES 256-bit
WORM media support
LTO-4 media