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Dternity is Fujifilm’s new deep storage solution. Dternity, a truly holistic approach to archiving, lives inside your pre-existing systems to provide a simplified and streamlined data storage experience. Dternity’s ease-of-use and empowered workflow allow organizations to focus on managing their data, as opposed to becoming encumbered by it. Dternity provides both on-site and online peace of mind for the preservation and protection of your data.


Dternity resides within your familiar architecture as network attached storage. With Dternity, your archive is no longer held hostage by proprietary formats and applications, allowing you access to your files and projects when you need it and how you need it. Dternity utilizes both traditional, on-site storage and cloud vaulting (available online all the time) to provide total and superior data protection, accessibility and mobility. With Dternity, organizations are provided a vendor neutral solution that maximizes IT budget resources by leveraging the most cost-efficient storage media available.
Dternity is focused on providing a first-class, enterprise-level experience that enables organizations to:

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The future has arrived and information is King. Data has become the foundation upon which all smart businesses additions are made. As more data is created, the need to manage and maintain this content becomes paramount to organizational success. Archiving should be a given.

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Whether it’s logistical nightmares, financial burdens, grandfathered processes, or simply the ever-changing landscape of technological innovation – there has not been a single solution that provides total coverage and comfort for archiving and deep storage. Until now.

Dternity is built upon of decades of Fujifilm technological invention, designed to propel data storage into the 21st century. Dternity’s holistic approach to archiving provides companies with out-of-the-box innovation, providing the easiest and most efficient pathway to deep storage success.