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Dternity NAS is a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to provide online data access, low-cost scalability and data protection for unstructured, fixed content. What makes Dternity NAS unique is its embedded data protection and performance tuning that provides data availability to meet specific business requirements.

By utilizing linear tape file system (LTFS) tape technology along with an intelligent disk cache, Dternity NAS delivers the performance of disk with the economics of tape in one simple and massively scalable solution.

Dternity NAS

Superior Data Protection

Dternity NAS enables users to automatically create one or more copies of files and export files on tape or online for off-site protection. Dternity NAS also integrates holistically with the Dternity Media Cloud, providing added measures and accessibility for off-site, online vaulting of your critical data.

Cost Efficient Scalability

Dternity NAS allows you to take advantage of the low power and maintenance costs of tapewithout sacrificing performance. Dternity NAS can reduce power costs by up to 95% compared with disk-only storage.

Data Availability

Dternity NAS empowers you to access data when and where you need. You can adjust data availability to match business requirements while files are always protected on tape. File access is seamless and transparent; end-users never even know they are accessing data from tape.


Seamless Integration

Dternity NAS presents itself as one or more CIFS/NFS shares, with each share customizable to meet performance requirements. Dternity NAS appears as a network drive, and is easily accessed by applications or users. Interaction with your archive is as simple as familiar drag-and-drop functionality.

Content Management

Dternity NAS never alters or changes a file. Your data is yours, and is always stored and accessed in its original state. Dternity NAS also provides tape encryption with built in key management, and provides file level integrity checks to ensure that your data is safe at all times. Unique tape analysis technology provides automated reporting on the health and use of tapes, drives and disk systems, ensuring that hardware and media components are operating efficiently.