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XIV Storage System

Powerful, cloud-agile enterprise storage primed for a dynamic world

IBM helps unleash the power of enterprise clouds securely and efficiently with XIV storage and its leading combination of high performance, low total cost of ownership (TCO) and easy scaling:



As the planet becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent, your business faces the challenge of managing huge quantities of data and extracting the most value from it—efficiently and flexibly—while meeting the needs of employees, partners and customers. Having the right storage is fundamental to survival and growth.

IBM® XIV® Storage System is high-end disk storage that supports the need for high performance, availability, operational flexibility and security while helping minimize costs and complexity. Built optimized to simplify storage, XIV Storage System is enabling thousands of organizations to take control of their storage and gain business insights from their data. Designed for consistent, enterprise-level performance and five-nines availability, XIV storage handles static and dynamic workloads with ease. Never compromising performance for reliability, the XIV grid architecture delivers massive parallelism—resulting in uniform allocation of system resources at all times. XIV storage secures your data through industry-standard data-at-rest encryption while keeping performance uninterrupted—with separate key management support by IBM Tivoli® Key Lifecycle Manager.