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3592      We repair defective 3592 tape drives

Model 3592-E05 (TS1120)

Model 3592-E06 (TS1130)

Model 3592-E07 (TS1140)


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The IBM TotalStorage 3592 Tape Drive Model J1A is designed to provide high capacity and performance for storing mission critical data. By offering significant advancements in capacity and data transfer rates, the 3592 Tape Drive helps address storage requirements that are often filled by two types of drives – those that provide fast access for data access and those that provide high capacity for backups. The 3592 Tape Drive handles both types of use, helping simplify your tape infrastructure. Additionally, the 3592 Tape Drive Model J1A offers Write Once, Read Many (WORM) functionality that is designed to help support data retention needs and applications requiring an audit trail.

The 3592 drive also helps protect your existing investment in tape automation by offering compatibility with the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Library 3494 – in which it can coexist with 3490 and 3590 tape drives – and selected StorageTek Tape Libraries.

Supported on existing IBM and StorageTek automation

Offers native data transfer rate of up to 40MB/sec

Supports 60 and 300 GB rewritable and WORM cartridges

Supports fast access to data with 60 GB or 300 GB cartridge


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Transfer Data Faster

The 3592-J1A Tape Drive supports a sustained native data transfer rate of 40 MB/sec. This increases data access speed, reducing backup and recovery times, as well as High Availability requirements.

Store Up to 900GB Per Tape

A 3592 can store 300GB of uncompressed data on one cartridge. At 3:1 compression, capacity triples to 900GB. This is the equivalent of five 3590H cartridges.

The 3592 uses a single media type-the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592-which can be reformatted as required.


Supply Item1 Capacity2 Part Number
IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Data (JA)

E06 format: 640 GB (596.04 GiB)
E05 format: 500 GB (465.66 GiB)
J1A format: 300 GB (279.39 GiB)

IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Extended Data (JB)

E07 format: 1600 GB (1490.12 GiB)
E06 format: 1000 GB (931.32 GiB)
E05 format: 700 GB (651.93 GiB)

IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Advanced Data (JC) E07 format: 4000 GB (3725.29 GiB) 46X7452
IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Economy (JJ)

E06 format: 128 GB (119.21 GiB)
E05 format: 100 GB (93.13 GiB)
J1A format: 60 GB (58.88 GiB)

IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Advanced Economy (JK) E07 format: 500 GB (465.66 GiB) 46X7453

Choose The Best Connection for You

The 3592 is designed to integrate easily into IBM Enterprise Tape Library 3494, StorageTek 9310 Powderhorn Tape Library or a stand-alone rack.

It also attaches readily to these computers and operating systems:

To use the 3592-J1A with zSeries servers, S/390 servers, IBM OS/390, VSE/ESA, z/OS, z/VM operating systems you will need a IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Controller 3590 Model A60 or Enterprise Tape Controller 3592 Model J70. The 3592 Model J70 creates the bridge between the 3592 tape drive and the IBM server ESCON and FICON interfaces.

The 3592 Model J70 Controller enables up to twelve 3592-J1As and as many as eight ESCON server attachments and up to four FICON server attachments. The maximum channel speed for ESCON attachments is 17MB/sec simplex; maximum distance (direct-attach) is 1.8 miles. FICON, of course, runs both faster (2GB/sec full-duplex) and farther 6.2 miles.


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IBM 3592 Tape Drives available in Generic Tabletop and Rackmount Enclosures 

TS1140   – 3592-E07  tape drive available in a standalone desktop enclosure with display or a dual rackmount enclosure with display/s

TS1130   – 3592-E06  tape drive available in a standalone desktop enclosure with display or a dual rackmount enclosure with display/s

TS1120   – 3592-E05  tape drive available in a standalone desktop enclosure with display or a dual rackmount enclosure with display/s

3592-J1A  tape drive available in a standalone desktop enclosure with display or a dual rackmount enclosure with display/s

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 3592 E05 in Stand Alone Tabletop Enclosure   3592 E05 in Stand Alone Tabletop Enclosure (Rear View)

Tabletop – Front and Rear

3592 EO5 in Dual Rackmount3592 EO5 in Dual Rackmount (Rear View)

Desktop or Rackmount – Dual Drives, Front and Rear


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IBM 3592 Media

Tape length (m)

3592 J1A drive

TS1120 drive

TS1130 drive

TS1140 drive

TS1150 drive

3592 JJ/JR cartridge

246 m

60 GB

100 GB

128 GB



3592 JA/JW cartridge

610 m

300 GB

500 GB

640 GB

640 GB read only


3592 JB/JX cartridge

825 m


700 GB

1 TB



3592 JC/JY cartridge

880 m






3592 JD/JZ cartridge

1,072 m






3592 JK (short JC) cartridge

146 m






3592 JL (short JD) cartridge

281 m