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What is StrongBox DataManager?

The StrongBox DataManager is a complementary software enhancement to the StrongBox archive that provides transparent file migration from primary storage systems, such as NetApp, Windows, Linux, and other servers, into the StrongBox archive. Users gain fluid data movement all from a single, integrated solution.

StrongBox DataManager solution key benefits:

The StrongBox solution is the only completely integrated, seamless solution that works with most NAS filers.

StrongBox Solution for Intelligent Storage Tiering

Anywhere from 50 – 80% of enterprise data is fixed content and may never be accessed again after it’s first created, yet this unstructured data remains on expensive, primary storage. StrongBox brings you a new, seamless solution to manage fixed content that provides an immediate ROI, reducing storage costs by more than 50%.

StrongBox DataManager is a software enhancement that moves unstructured data and fixed content from your primary storage into the StrongBox archive without interruption to the data workflow.