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Cost-Effective Storage for Long-Term Data Preservation


Data is exploding across the digital universe faster than ever before. While new information may need to be preserved for 2 or 20 years, data always needs to be accessible and accurate.

StrongBox solves data storage and protection challenges at a low cost while keeping your files fully accessible and simplifying long-term preservation.

StrongBox Key Benefits:

StrongBox is a network-attached storage (NAS) appliance architected to uniquely combine the performance of disk with the economics of tape in a simple, easy-to-deploy solution. StrongBox is designed to providing a cost-effective, long-term data protection for fixed content and unstructured data. Empowering organizations to control storage costs and scale into petabytes, without sacrificing data availability.

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By pairing a flexible, policy-driven disk cache with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage costs without sacrificing data availability.

The StrongBox® DataManager is a complementary software enhancement to the StrongBox archive appliance that provides transparent file movement (migration or copying) from primary storage systems, such as NetApp, Linux, Windows, Novell, and other CIFS/NFS file servers, into the StrongBox archive.

System Specifications

          StrongBox T10G2

          StrongBox T30G2

IP Services

NFS v3 – Unix/Linux

CIFS SMB1 – Windows

Files Supported

 Up to 100 million files

 Up to 1.6 billion files

Number of File Shares Supported


Disk Storage

 3TB Drives – 7.9TB Usable

 4TB Drives – 10.6TB Usable

 6TB Drives – 16.1TB Usable

 3TB Drives – 32.5TB Usable

 4TB Drives – 43.4TB Usable

 6TB Drives – 65.2TB Usable


 Standard: Quad Gigabit Ethernet ports for data

 Single Gigabit Ethernet port for management

 Standard: Single Gigabit Ethernet for management

 Option: 1 or 2 Quad port Gigabit Ethernet or

 1 Dual port 10 Gigabit Ethernet for data

Storage Options

(for libraries and external RAID):

 Dual port 6 Gb/s SAS

 Dual port 8 Gb/s FC

 1 or 2 Quad port 6 Gb/s SAS

 1 or 2 Quad port 8 Gb/s FC

 Single port 6Gb/s SAS for StrongBox XpanDisk

Format Compatibility

LTFS – – 4 Drives


IBM TS1140

Form Factor

1U Seerver

3U Server

Datasheet     LTFS     Layout   DataManager

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StrongBox delivers always-online storage with the performance of disk and the economics of tape.

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Access data online, all the time

When you need access to your data, you don’t want to wait. StrongBox provides an always online file system that supports multiple, simultaneous requests.

Data is never offline and users have a persistent view of all files in the archive, improving efficiency and maximizing the IT investment.

Access is as simple as point and click from a standard file system.

With unique performance tuning, you can customize data availability to meet specific business needs.


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Business Use Cases for the StrongBox Solution

Cost-effective long-term preservation

The explosion of digital information puts ever-increasing pressure on IT teams to do more with less. In a world where “keep everything, forever” is the mantra of many, new archiving and protection strategies that deliver lower costs and simpler management become imperative.

StrongBox provides a new way to leverage cost-effective LTFS tape media as a fully accessible, online storage solution.

Discover the opportunities to:

Alleviate backup using StrongBox

Up to 90 percent of enterprise data isn’t accessed more than once, but still needs to be stored and protected long term. Protection typically involves backing up data to meet disaster recovery needs. But, inactive data that remains on primary storage media devours costly network, computing and power resources, while bogging down backup processes and straining the overall infrastructure.

Now you can simplify your backup process by moving fixed content into a StrongBox. StrongBox data is automatically protected, meaning that it doesn’t need to be backed up.


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As primary storage resources, such as disk based NAS, teem with content, businesses need a low-cost solution for scalable data storage and long-term preservation.

The Crossroads StrongBox provides the most cost-effective, long-term storage solution for this unstructured, fixed content.
How can IT administrators seamlessly move data from costly primary storage into the StrongBox archive?
The Solution: DataManager Datasheet

The StrongBox® DataManager is a complementary software enhancement to the StrongBox archive appliance that provides transparent file movement (migration or copying) from primary storage systems, such as NetApp, Linux, Windows, Novell, and other CIFS/NFS file servers, into the StrongBox archive.
Users gain fluid data movement, all from a single, integrated solution. You can centralize data control while the StrongBox DataManager intelligently manages data movement or copying of files between storage tiers. StrongBox DataManager includes a tool that can automatically identify inactive files on primary sources, enabling streamlined movement to the archive. By reducing the amount of data on primary storage, you can dramatically improve your total cost of storage ownership (TCO).

Simple file management that scales for business growth
The StrongBox DataManager allows you to simplify file movement with automated policies based on file information such as maturity, last access date, file size, and more. Migrations can be scheduled outside of high network traffic times in order to optimize performance across the datacenter, and there is no impact on other applications or your end user community. StrongBox DataManager provides a pointto-point streaming capability across storage devices. Data is moved directly to the StrongBox storage destination, and can be retrieved based on automated policies or directly from the StrongBox user interface. With no additional indexes or databases, all stub files are kept on the StrongBox, ensuring that DataManager can always restore stubs and recover a file from storage sources or from the StrongBox as an archive destination.

Integrated data protection
When you leverage StrongBox DataManager to move your fixed content and unstructured data into StrongBox, the data is effectively removed from your backup processes, freeing up network resources and decreasing backup volumes. Your data is always secure, providing confidence in the reliability of your storage systems.

The Bottom Line
StrongBox DataManager provides simple, scalable and protected data management from primary storage into theStrongBox LTFS-based archive. Significant cost savings, transparent data management and integrated protection guarantee the availability and reliability of your data for its entire lifecycle. StrongBox is the only completely integrated, seamless solution for implementing an archive as a standalone solution or with existing storage



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Reduce storage TCO

Minimize data center costs by leveraging low-power, low-cost LTFS media for long-term assets. StrongBox keeps data center power requirements low, reducing operational costs by up to 95 percent. As a protected archive for fixed data, StrongBox helps reduce additional storage investments while optimizing your infrastructure with policy-driven, automated tiering that matches performance and accessibility with business need.

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Grow your archive with low-cost scalability

Data grows exponentially – budgets don’t. With StrongBox and LTO/LTFS storage, you can scale storage as needed, without significant budget increases.

Simplify storage infrastructure with an easy-to-use solution

Unlike complex storage systems that require hours of configuration and training, StrongBox is a plug-and-play appliance that is simple to deploy. Seamlessly connecting to the network via GbE or 10GbE, StrongBox presents stored data just like a standard network share.

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Stay in control of your data with LTFS and LTO – no vendor lock-in

You stay in control of your data with StrongBox. By leveraging the open standard LTFS technology, StrongBox writes data in a non-proprietary format and makes no modifications to files or metadata.

A StrongBox system is not required to read data written by StrongBox – tapes can be exported and read by any LTFS drive.

LTFS Technology

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Protect and preserve data with long-term reliability

Storage is fundamental, but ensuring that data can be retrieved is key to a successful IT infrastructure. StrongBox protects data on multiple fronts so that you can be confident that data written to the archive is recoverable in time of need.

Build a sustainable active archive

StrongBox is the turnkey solution component for active archive architectures in which your archival data remains available without high operating costs or bogging down network resources. StrongBox is energy efficient to help you meet Green IT initiatives, not to mention reduces your cost for power by up to 95 percent.

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Need to lower cost for long term storage?

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