Hybrid Storage

Blending flash-based solid state disk and hard disk drives to provide high performance at an affordable price seems to be a trend in the marketplace today.  It seems as if every vendor offers a solution that meets this criteria. Bear in mind these systems are not the typical SAN storage arrays with a couple of SSD […]

Imation’s Nexsan NST6000

Imation’s Nexsan NST6000 along with NestOS 3.0 is highly scalable unified storage solution in a compact footprint that uses a caching technology called FASTier® to accelerate reads and writes I/O requests. FASTier intelligently and automatically moves data through solid-state and spinning disk to speed your virtual and cloud environments. Built with the time-constrained IT administrator […]

Imation Nexsan NST Hybrid Storage

    Imation’s Nexsan® NST combines high performance, high capacity and innovative FASTier® caching technology to provide scalable performance for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments. Fulfills changing application and storage needs with unified NAS and SAN access capabilities in a single hybrid solution Lets you right-size your initial acquisition by scaling storage, performance, or […]

Nexsan NST6000

Enterprise Classs Unified Hybrid Storage- fully unified, enterprise-class, unified hybrid storage solution that simultaneously supports block and file traffic eliminating the need for organizations to invest in separate SAN and NAS storage systems. The Nexsan NST6000 unified storage system is the newest member of the NST family, offering new high performance controllers and an expanded […]

Unified Storage

Hybrid Storage for NAS & iSCSI The NST5000 is Nexsan’s line of Hybrid Storage systems offering NAS, iSCSI or both (Fibre soon). The NST5000 uses Nexsan’s FASTier® technology to provide the speed of solid-state at the price of spinning disk. FASTier intelligently and automatically moves data through solid-state and spinning disk in-concert for up to 10X performance […]

Nexsan Storage Offerings

Imation’s Nexsan SAN storage arrays deliver the smallest footprint with up to 60 disks in 4U of rack space while consuming 85% less power when idle. Enterprise-class reliability and leading cost-per-terabyte optimize the SAN storage infrastructure for backup and recovery, bulk storage and much more for traditional, virtual and cloud environments.  The Nexsan NST-Series delivers a hybrid of solid-state and spinning […]